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Has The U.S. Government Declared War On Its Own Citizens?


As Thomas Jefferson wisely stated; “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.” Since the attacks of 9/11, our Federal government’s actions has demonstrated the accuracy of Jefferson’s statement. Along with the creation of new government bureaucracies, supposedly to “combat terrorism”, the Feds have engaged in a slow, but steady, militarization of many Federal agencies.

It might come as a surprise to many Americans, as Fox News recently reported, these Federal agencies employ around 120,000 full-time officers authorized to carry guns and make arrests. There have been numerous abuses of power by armed Federal agencies in recent years, including thuggish tactics employed by the Bureau of Land Management, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Federal Government appears to be making good on Obama’s promise to create a military style “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, and just as well-funded”. In addition, DoD Directive 3025.18 gives Obama, as well as future presidents, the ability use the military against American citizens.

“Federal military forces shall not be used to quell civil disturbances unless specifically authorized by the president in accordance with applicable law or permitted under emergency authority,” the directive states.

“Federal action, including the use of federal military forces, is authorized when necessary to protect the federal property or functions.”

State and local police forces have become increasingly militarized and authoritarian. In the early 1980s, there were approximately 3000 SWAT team raids per year. Currently, there are 80,000 SWAT team raids each year. That’s a 2700% increase in the number of times SWAT teams are deployed, when in most cases, a few police officers could simply knock on a door and serve a warrant.

“No Knock” warrants are rapidly gaining favor with police departments around the nation, resulting in “shoot first and ask questions later” law enforcement. These aggressive tactics have been a miserable failure, causing the unnecessary deaths of innocent civilians and police officers alike. However, missteps and unnecessary deaths aren’t slowing down the government’s militarization agenda, or the massive surveillance infrastructure being created.

Where and how does this all end? Many would argue that it’s too late, claiming our government is too large and our citizenry too distracted and uninformed to force a reversal in an increasingly authoritarian surveillance state. Perhaps Thomas Jefferson was correct. We can only hope that another of his quotes will ring as true.

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

The GOP Establishment Will Soon Force Out Jeb Bush


Jeb Bush’s campaign is in big trouble. We all know it. With only a few months until voters begin casting ballots, donors are already moving away from Bush and into the Rubio camp. Before the primaries, the GOPe will need to consolidate support for their main candidate, Marco Rubio. Jeb Bush has too much baggage. He has not performed well in the debates or on the campaign trail. Jeb is simply not the kind of candidate GOP primary voters are clamoring for in this election cycle.

Jeb will need to step down and allow his supporters to join with Rubio, in an effort to fend off the anti-establishment insurgency of Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. The GOPe is hoping that Trump, Carson and Cruz will split enough votes to allow a Rubio win. Many of the other GOP primary candidates are on life support, as well. The GOPe will keep them around, but only if they can pull enough votes to help take down Trump or Carson. It is unknown, at this point, whether Kasich can help Rubio by staying in the race. We will just have take a “wait and see” attitude on that.

In any event, Jeb Bush will soon outlive his usefulness to the GOP establishment, At that point, he will have to go.

Google Caught Spying On Users Of Chrome & Chromium


The company, who at one point used the slogan; “Don’t be evil”, has become the most egregious violators of privacy rights the world has ever known, making their one time slogan an utterly meaningless and empty phrase, full of bluster and fury, signifying nothing.

The latest slap in the face to privacy advocates is the discovery that Google has included code to stealthily activate the microphone on your computers and mobile devices.

Privacy campaigners and open source developers are up in arms over the secret installing of Google software which is capable of listening in on conversations held in front of a computer.

First spotted by open source developers, the Chromium browser – the open source basis for Google’s Chrome – began remotely installing audio-snooping code that was capable of listening to users. more..

Many privacy advocates abandoned Google long ago. I, for one, no longer use their search engine or any of their products, including the bastardized version of Linux they call “Android”, which stripped the best parts of Linux and wrapped it around privacy invading, proprietary Google code.

If this latest example of Google’s evil actions doesn’t change your opinion of them, privacy is truly dead, because we allowed it to die.

GOP Establishment’s Last Chance to Take Out Trump: Big Money$


Now that the political establishment have determined their media lapdogs are not going to be able to take down Donald Trump, they’re bringing out the big guns. Namely, big money Super PACs and various GOPe controlled special interests groups, who are preparing for an all out negative smear campaign.

Combine this with the shenanigans going on with RNC Primary rule changes, and it’s becoming clear we’re entering into the final pitch battle for the GOP candidacy. Will the GOPe be successful in this final push to take out Trump? Or, will the base finally be able to ignore the media and negative ADs long enough to make their own non-establishment choice? Perhaps this cycle, the GOPe doesn’t get their hand picked, “yes” man candidate, as they frequently manage to do.

“I don’t think Trump can withstand 10,000 points of smart negative in Iowa and New Hampshire,” says one veteran Republican strategist who is not affiliated with any campaign. “It would force him to spend money. That’s when this starts to get real for him.” (“Points” refers to gross ratings points, a way of measuring TV ad buys; 10,000 points would be a really big buy, meaning the average viewer would see an anti-Trump ad many, many times.)

“We primed the pump with our ads in Iowa,” says Club president David McIntosh. “We did some polling afterward. The ads flipped Trump from first to second place among caucus-goers and put a dent in his approval rating.”

McIntosh is looking for donors to fund an anti-Trump campaign that would hit hard in the month before voting begins. It might be a Club for Growth production more..

I guess it’s “Game On!” from here on out. :hehe

How Obamacare Is Actually Making Health Care Less Affordable


If you research Obamacare exchanges in most states, for example, in the state of South Carolina, you’ll find that if you make around 13k per year, you can find a fully subsidized plan, such as the bronze plan available to SC residents. One might think this is a good thing, but think again. With a $5000+ deductible, plus a 40% co-pay, those who live from paycheck to paycheck still won’t be able to afford the average cost of a doctor visit. You will have a piece of paper in your hand that says you have insurance, but if you make $300 per week and have Obamacare, you’re still on the hook for a $150 doctor visit. Matter of fact, you would have to visit the doctor 33 times during the year before Obamacare kicks in, and then you’d still be on the hook for 40% of the cost. The unemployed, or those who make less than 100% of the poverty level, are not eligible for ANY subsidies. They will remain without health insurance.

Who exactly does this help? It certainly doesn’t help those who can’t afford to purchase insurance. It basically becomes a very expensive catastrophic policy, one which will require the policy holder to pay the first $5000+ of health care costs and 40% thereafter.

Obamacare doesn’t really help those who can’t afford insurance. All it does is transfer money from the U.S. Treasury directly into the coffers of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, the same companies who were instrumental in writing the law.

It’s a big scam folks!

Combine this with all of the negative effects that go along with the law, such as forcing citizens to purchase a service they might not want or need, privacy implications, pushing folks out of their current insurance plans and onto the exchanges, the limiting of hours by employers to 29 per week, along with the detrimental effect it will have on the jobs’ market, it becomes pretty clear that Obamacare has been a huge disaster. What is also abundantly clear is that it does not deliver the benefits as promised.

The entire impetus for Obamacare was to make health insurance more affordable and allow those who cannot afford health insurance to be able to obtain it. Clearly, this law fails miserably in achieving that goal. Obamacare should be repealed now. It needs to replaced with a system that actually works (like personal Health Savings Accounts), before it does anymore damage to our health care system, and to our economy.