U.S. Immigration System Isn’t Broken – Laws Are Simply Not Being Enforced


Politicians, along with their media allies, are constantly parroting the lie that our immigration system is broken. Actually, there is very little wrong the immigration system we have in place, except for enforcement of our current immigration laws, and the fact that our borders are not being protected and secured.

When criminal illegal aliens are detained and their crimes are deemed to be “minor” or “non-violent”, they are summarily released back into the population. During a one month period, between February 1st and March 9th of 2013, ICE released 2,228 illegal aliens, with 629 of them having prior criminal records.

In recent testimony before a congressional committee, ICE chief John Morton revealed the following:

Morton said the freed detainees included not only undocumented immigrants with no criminal records, but also people convicted of theft, financial crimes and drunk driving. “In some cases, multiple DUIs,”

If our current laws are not being enforced, why should the American people believe the any new laws will be enforced? As a matter of fact, there are provisions in the New Immigration Bill which allow criminal illegal aliens, with multiple convictions, to qualify for immediate legal status.

In a recent press release, Senator Jeff Sessions pointed out the many problems with the Gaggle of Eight’s Amnesty Bill, including the Obama Administration’s abuse of prosecutorial discretion to prevent the enforcement of federal law.

It will also provide safe harbor to those who have committed a variety of offenses—ranging from identity theft, to multiple immigration violations, and even those with criminal records.

Another misleading statistic, being reported by Amnesty proponents and major media outlets, is that 11 million illegal aliens will be given a path to citizenship (Amnesty). The actual number is closer to 57 million over the next 10 years.

Sen. Jeff Sessions shows that more than 32 million immigrants would receive legal status over the next decade and an additional 25 million would be granted non-immigrant work visas under the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill.

It is clear that any new provisions pertaining to securing the borders, as well as limiting, prosecuting and/or deporting illegal aliens, will not be enforced. Even the GOP front man for Amnesty, Marco Rubio has admitted that “waivers” in the bill give federal officials discretion in applying any new laws.

The time is now, before this flawed, misguided legislation is passed into law, for all concerned citizens to contact their representatives and urge them to oppose the so called “Immigration Reform Bill”, which is effectively, nothing more than Amnesty without real enforcement.

Full List Of Obama Administration’s New Taxes

Obama’s New Taxes (Implemented Or Soon To Be)
Largest Tobacco Tax Hike In History
10% Tanning Tax
Health Care Insurance Mandate Tax
(as ruled by SCOTUS)
Five Major New Taxes In Obamacare

Full List Of 20 Hidden Taxes In Obamacare
Standard deductions Rose in 2013

Obama Administration’s Proposed New Taxes
$1.6 Trillion New Taxes in “Fiscal Cliff” Deal
Proposed 15c per Gallon Increase In Federal Gas Tax
National Internet Sales Tax (link1 , link2)
Junk Food (Sugar/Fat) Tax
Proposed Stock Transaction Tax
Value Added Tax. (case for, case against)

Please let us know if there are any new Obama taxes we’ve missed.

Tea Party To GOP Establishment: Where are the cuts?


The phrase; “We need to work together, in a bi-partisan manner, to get things done” is a nice sounding, focus group tested, little sound bite, which usually draws applause from constituents on all sides of the political spectrum, but what does it really mean? Well, it really means that the political class wants to come together to pass new legislation, the purpose of which is to grow the size and scope of government, institute new taxes and fees, pass new regulations or create another unaccountable bureaucracy, which is what politicians do and what most of the ruling class think their job is. This is not what Tea Party backed representatives were elected to do. As a matter of fact, this is just the opposite of what Tea Party backed representatives were elected to do.

Does John Boehner actually think the Tea Party sent representatives to congress so they could negotiate with Democrats to increase the size and scope of Government and capitulate to Obama’s “Tax and Spend” agenda? The TEA in Tea party literally means “Taxed Enough Already”. Where are the cuts, Congressman Boehner? I’m referring to real cuts, not faux cuts, like smaller increases in growth. An increase is not a cut, no matter how you “slice” it. Where is the effort to decrease the size of scope of government and eliminate our massive debt? When was the last time politicians actually eliminated a government agency or decreased the size and reach of the Federal government? In the past, politicians have cut taxes, but they didn’t cut spending. They just ballooned the debt. These destructive policies must end.

The U.S. debt is now over 17 Trillion dollars. I just used this calculator to determine how much of the debt I owe, which is: $175,811. Please feel free to calculate the amount you owe. The average American citizen is now on the hook for approximately $120,000. This kind of outrageous debt is obviously unsustainable.

We all need to realize that there needs to be measurable decreases in the size of government or the entire system is going to collapse. Kicking the can down the road is not a strategy to solve this crisis. The Tea Party sounded the alarm but were demonized by the left, the right and the media. The demonetization needs to end. Politicians and voters need to face up to the crisis at our door and do something about it now, before it’s too late.

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