How Government Is Actually Making Health Care Less Affordable

If you research Obamacare exchanges in most states, for example, in the state of South Carolina, you’ll find that if you make around 13k per year, you can find a fully subsidized plan, such as the bronze plan available to SC residents. One might think this is a good thing, but think again. With a $5000+ deductible, plus a 40% co-pay, those who live from paycheck to paycheck still won’t be able to afford the average cost of a doctor visit. You will have a piece of paper in your hand that says you have insurance, but if you make $300 per week and have Obamacare, you’re still on the hook for a $150 doctor visit. Matter of fact, you would have to visit the doctor 33 times during the year before Obamacare kicks in, and then you’d still be on the hook for 40% of the cost. The unemployed, or those who make less than 100% of the poverty level, are not eligible for ANY subsidies. They will remain without health insurance.

Who exactly does this help? It certainly doesn’t help those who can’t afford to purchase insurance. It basically becomes a very expensive catastrophic policy, one which will require the policy holder to pay the first $5000+ of health care costs and 40% thereafter.

Obamacare doesn’t really help those who can’t afford insurance. All it does is transfer money from the U.S. Treasury directly into the coffers of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, the same companies who were instrumental in writing the law.

It’s a big scam folks!

Combine this with all of the negative effects that go along with the law, such as forcing citizens to purchase a service they might not want or need, privacy implications, pushing folks out of their current insurance plans and onto the exchanges, the limiting of hours by employers to 29 per week, along with the detrimental effect it will have on the jobs’ market, it becomes pretty clear that Obamacare has been a huge disaster. What is also abundantly clear is that it does not deliver the benefits as promised.

The entire impetus for Obamacare was to make health insurance more affordable and allow those who cannot afford health insurance to be able to obtain it. Clearly, this law fails miserably in achieving that goal. Obamacare should be repealed now. It needs to replaced with a system that actually works (like personal Health Savings Accounts), before it does anymore damage to our health care system, and to our economy.

Trump Wins South Carolina Primary

Donald J, Trump easily wins the South Carolina primary. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio battle for 2nd place.

Gov. Nikki Haley, Sen. Tim Scott and Rep. Trey Gowdy endorsements were repudiated by South Carolina voters.

As I predicted several months ago, under pressure from the GOP establishment, Jeb Bush suspends his campaign.

Final Results (not yet certified)
1. Donald Trump: 238,067 (32 percent)
2. Marco Rubio: 164,691 (22.5 percent)
3. Ted Cruz: 163,732 (22.3 percent)
4. Jeb Bush: 57,472 (7.8 percent)
5. John Kasich: 55,920 (7.6 percent)
6. Ben Carson: 52,958 (7.2 percent)

Donald Trump wins all 50 delegates from South Carolina.

Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy Endorse GOP Establishment Candidate Marco Rubio

Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy have shown their true colors by endorsing Marco Rubio in the GOP primary. It comes as no big surprise to see Trey Gowdy jump on the Rubio bandwagon. Gowdy has been a good little GOPe puppet since he arrived in congress. However, it is more disturbing to see Tim Scott go “full on establishment” with his endorsement of Marco Rubio.

One would expect a Senator, who supposedly rejects open borders and amnesty, to also reject a candidate who champions and advocates those causes. A big red flag was raised when Tim Scott rushed to the side of our race hustling Governor Nikki Haley, in a breakneck effort to remove the battle flag from the civil war soldiers’ memorial. It was a cowardly act of disrespect to the fallen, their families and the citizens of South Carolina.

Combine the flag betrayal with Scott’s endorsement of Rubio and we are now getting a more clear picture of who Tim Scott actually is. Turns out, he’s simply another phony Tea Party poser, a politically correct, amnesty loving, GOP establishment lapdog. He’s just another career politician, who has become a puppet of big money donors and the Chamber of Commerce, just like his cohorts: Trey Gowdy and Nikki Haley.

I’ve officially written off Tim Scott and will be looking for an alternate choice when he’s up for reelection. Many of us who support small, accountable government, also support term limits. It’s now time for voters to tell Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy that their terms are over. We’ve seen quite enough. Wind up puppet Marco Rubio? Really? Thanks, but no thanks.

The GOP Establishment’s Plan To Resurrect Jeb Bush

The GOP establishment will attempt to resurrect Jeb Bush in South Carolina. It started with the endorsement of Jeb by RINO Lindsey Graham. While not exactly a favorite amongst conservatives, Graham does have support from the Establishment, Neocons and Democrats. His endorsement appears to have helped Jeb.

In the latest poll from OpinionSavvy for Morris News, Jeb has now moved into 3rd place at 13%, just behind Ted Cruz.

You might be asking, how will the GOPe manage to secure a win for Jeb in South Carolina? Well, all you need to do is look back at 2008 to see how they resurrected the dead campaign of John McCain. They first trotted out Fred Thompson to appeal to the most ideologically conservative voters, then went on to use their favorite mouthpiece, “Club For Growth”, to attack the populist Mike Huckabee. The tactic worked well, and succeeded in splitting the conservative vote between Thompson and Huckabee, which allowed McCain to win the SC GOP primary with only 33% of the vote.

In this election cycle, it’s not hard to imagine a similar scenario playing out, with Ted Cruz playing the role of Thompson and the more populist Donald Trump being in the same position as Mike Huckabee. I expect the Club For Growth, and a few other PACs, to heavily attack Trump, while touting Cruz as the “Consistent Conservative”. Expect Karl Rove’s and Bush’s PACs to similarly follow suit. As always, it will get very nasty in South Carolina, with every dirty trick you can imagine being used. Of that, we can all be certain.

If the GOPe can divide the voters (remember the plants who booed in the SC Debate), they might be able to push Jeb over the line in a squeaker. This, of course, would change the narrative entirely and could dramatically change the direction of the 2016 GOP primary.

UPDATE 01-21-16: George Bush To Campaign For Jeb in South Carolina.

George W. Bush is a natural fit in South Carolina, a state rife with military bases and families, which heads to the polls on Feb. 20. But he could potentially also be an asset in New Hampshire, which votes on Feb. 9, and where his brother needs a top finish to help re-energize his campaign.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we see 43 on the trail in South Carolina” soon, said Dorothy Bush Koch, Jeb and George W. Bush’s sister. link

Neocon Nikki Haley Unveils Another Record Budget: New Gas Tax Swap Scam

Our Phony Tea Party governor, Nikki Haley, shows her true colors once again by burdening South Carolina citizens with a new record budget of $7.5 billion dollars. Included in the budget is a new 10c per gallon state tax on gasoline, swapped with a 2% state income tax decrease. In all those Tea Party rallies I attended, I do seem to remember the chants of “Not Taxed Enough Already“.

Oh, wait! That wasn’t it. It was “Taxed Enough Already“. Now I get it. That was the “TEA” in Tea Party. Evidently, Nikki Haley didn’t get it. She never has and she never will.

Tea Party members simply want to see smaller government, along with lower taxes. The idea that government would increase taxes in one area, in order to give tax breaks in another area, is a zero sum gain. It’s the old tax swap scam, a political game that always leaves the citizens on the short end of the stick. Can you say “sales tax for property tax” swap? That didn’t work out too well for the citizens of South Carolina. Our property taxes are now higher than ever and we are still burdened with the higher sales tax. That is exactly the same thing that will happen with Nikki’s new gas tax swap scam.

Nikki Haley Signs Law Giving Tax Breaks For The Rich on Their 2nd Home
(But Nothing For The Average Citizen’s Primary Residence)

All this comes on the heels her attacks on the popular GOP primary front runner Donald Trump and her implicit support for amnesty for illegal aliens. Also, let us not forget race hustling Nikki Haley’s mad rush to remove the confederate flag from the Civil War soldiers monument at the State House. Haven’t we had enough of phony Tea Party, race hustling, tax and spend politicians like Nikki Haley?

The fact of the matter is, Haley wants even more revenue to feed the wasteful bureaucratic mess that is South Carolina government, including the broken School System’s bloated bureaucracy and the debt riddled Transportation Department. Rather than cutting layers of bureaucrats, administrators and paper shufflers, who do little more than siphon off resources our State Government can’t afford, Haley’s priority is more taxes on S.C. citizens.

Sadly, these days, it seems more often than not, the Statehouse political elite appear to be working against the best interest of the citizens in our great state of South Carolina. Considering Governor Haley’s track record so far, she is looking a lot less like the Tea Party conservative she pretended to be during her campaign, and more like the GOP establishment political hack she actually is.

State Senator Pushes For Gun Registration In South Carolina

State senator Marlon Kimpson (D) is preparing to introduce legislation requiring all South Carolina residents to register their guns, along with new laws to ban so called “assault weapons”.

Kimpson plans to introduce a total of five bills to the S.C. General Assembly, including new requirements to report lost or stolen firearms, as well as enhanced background checks for those seeking to purchase firearms.

Kimpson was part of the cabal of race hustlers who supported removal of the Confederate Battle flag from the Civil War Soldier’s Memorial. Typical of race merchants, who “never let a tragedy go to waste”, Kimpson is attempting to capitalize politically on the shooting at Charleston’s Emanuel Church, in a futile effort to further the left’s anti-gun agenda in S.C..

Fortunately, most citizens of South Carolina embrace our 2nd Amendment rights and will never submit to gun registration, which everyone knows will eventually lead to gun confiscation. Upstate Voice expects this legislation to end up exactly where it belongs, in the trash bin.

Mark Sanford Beats Colbert Busch By 9% In SC 1st District Special Election

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford easily won the special election for the Tim Scott’s vacated congressional seat, representing South Carolina’s 1st District. Even though Sanford was outspent 5 to 1 by Colbert Busch, the contest wasn’t that close, with the former SC Governor out performing his opponent by more than 9 percentage points.

Many politicos had the contest even going in, but that was based on earlier polls showing Busch with a 10 percentage point lead over Sanford. Due to the work of local Tea party groups and volunteers, Sanford tightened up the race in the final stretch, even though the GOP pulled funding. Tea Party supporters suggested that the GOP establishment wasn’t too keen on having another fiscally conservative house member to contend with and surmised that many in the GOP saw Sanford as a liability.

In his victory speech, Sanford committed to bringing his brand of fiscal conservatism to the house and promised the voters of South Carolina’s 1st district that he would work hard to represent their interests in Washington, DC.

Some conservative strategists suggest this could be a preview of things to come in 2014 and 2016, when congressional Democrats will no longer be able to ride Obama’s coat tails into office, as they had in 2008 and 2012.

On an interesting side bar, supporters of Colbert Busch flooded social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook with nasty personal attacks directed toward Mark Sanford. They went on to slander and attack the residents of South Carolina, calling them “Dumb”, “Stupid” and “Hypocritical”, among other disparaging remarks.

During her concession speech, Colbert Busch stated that she respected the decision of the people, although many in attendance didn’t appear to agree. Busch had to chastise her rowdy crowd of supporters for booing when she made that statement.

Sanford Schools Colbert In Congressional Debate

The South Carolina 1st District Congressional debate between Former Governor Mark Sanford and Elizabeth Colbert Busch demonstrated a stark difference between the two candidates. While Governor Sanford demonstrated a knowledge and command of the issues, Colbert Busch appeared uninformed and defensive. Sanford highlighted his excellent track record of fiscal conservatism. On the other hand, it was quite clear Colbert Busch was attempting to hide her liberal positions from the voters of the conservative leaning 1st district.

Sanford hammered Busch over the flood of money she received from left-wing special interests, including massive financial backing from Nancy Pelosi’s PAC, labor unions and other liberal organizations. Colbert Busch cannot compete with the conservative record of Mark Sanford, so she resorted to typical leftist strategy of personal attacks, in her efforts to discredit the former Governor.

Candidate’s Positions On The Issues

Mark Sanford

  • Smaller Government
  • Lower Taxes
  • Less Regulation
  • Supports School Vouchers
  • Opposes Medicaid/Medicare Expansion in SC
  • Opposes Illegal Alien Amnesty
  • Opposes Gun Control
  • Opposed Government Stimulus
  • Anti-Abortion

Elizabeth Colbert Busch

  • Larger Government
  • Higher Taxes
  • More Government Regulation
  • Supports Medicaid/Medicare Expansion in SC
  • Opposes School Vouchers
  • Supports Current Amnesty Bill
  • Supports More Gun Control
  • Supports Government Stimulus
  • Pro-Abortion

Watching the debate, the only conclusion one could reach is that Colbert Bush is a run of the mill liberal, backed by liberal special interests, who is attempting to hide who she really is and how she will vote, if elected to Congress.

For this reason, Upstate Voice is officially endorsing Mark Sanford. There is no question that our former governor is the real conservative choice in this race.

Neocon Nikki Haley Endorses Progressive Mitt Romney

Those in the Tea Party movement, who were skeptical of Governor Haley’s anti-establishment message during the campaign, had their suspicions confirmed today, as Necon Nikki rejected Tea Party constitutional conservative Michele Bachmann and instead, endorsed big government progressive Mitt Romney. It certainly makes one wonder what might be next on Haley’s agenda. Perhaps it’s the “sales tax swap” scam that’s already been floated by her administration.

There turned out to be quite a few Tea Party posers in the 2010 campaign, who are now exposing themselves with their endorsements. Governor Haley is clearly the queen of posers in this regard. She passed the largest budget in South Carolina history, gave tax breaks to those who could afford a 2nd home (but not average citizens who really needed the tax break).

So far, Nikki Haley has been a huge disappointment to Tea Party activists in SC, who are still waiting the smaller, more efficient, less intrusive government Haley promised during her campaign.

The fact of the matter is, Haley wants even more revenue to feed the bloated and wasteful bureaucratic mess that is South Carolina government, including the broken School System’s bloated bureaucracy and the debt riddled Transportation Department. Rather than cutting layers of bureaucrats, administrators and paper shufflers, who do little more than siphon off resources our State Government can’t afford, Haley’s priority is to endorse a progressive neocon like Mitt Romney.

Considering Governor Haley’s track record so far, she is looking a lot less like the constitutional conservative she pretended to be during her campaign, and more like an establishment political hack, heading straight for a one term Governorship.

Palmetto Freedom Forum – A Better Debate Paradigm

It should be clear to anyone who watched the Palmetto Freedom Forum, there is a better way for citizens to get to know their political candidates. Gone were the “gotcha” questions we see in every mainstream media ran debate. Gone were the one minute soundbite answers, the bells, whistles and buzzers, as well as trivial questions such as; “Coke or Pepsi”? Instead, the panel asked serious questions, involving real issues, that every American citizen should be concerned with.

The five candidates were given 22 minutes each to respond to a myriad of questions, ranging from constitutional first principles to economic policy and social issues. In this format, voters have a real opportunity to evaluate each candidates strengths and weaknesses. Romney showed depth of knowledge in relation to fiscal and economic issues, while on the other hand, showing a weakness in regards to social and constitutional conservative principles. Newt Gingrich displayed an excellent understanding of the political landscape, while Ron Paul’s expert knowledge of monetary policy was quite evident.

Unlike the standard boring debate format, this type of interaction gives voters a chance to get a true feel for candidates and allows both to connect in a way that was heretofore, much more difficult. The mainstream media should take note of this event and be willing to move away from their current stodge debate format. Regardless, I think we will see much more of this kind of debate format in the future.

If you missed the American Principles Project Palmetto Freedom Forum, I urge you to watch the replay on SCETV @ 8:00pm or catch a streaming video online.

View Complete Palmetto Freedom Forum On Youtube.

It will change the way you think about political debates and demonstrate that there is a better way.