Romney Scores TKO Over Obama In Presidential Debate

Romney came out swinging during the first presidential debate in Colorado, keeping Obama on the defensive for the entire event. President Obama appeared uncomfortable and unprepared, as he was unable to defend his domestic policies.

Romney hammered the President on his handling of the economy, a high unemployment rate and his ineffective energy policy, pointing to a doubling of the cost of a gallon of gas under Obama’s watch. He didn’t stop there. He went on to pummel Obama for increasing the size of the federal government and adding nearly 6 trillion dollars to the national debt.

President Obama attempted to to fight back, pointing to Romney’s lack of specifics in his economic plan and questioning Romney’s math. In the end, the President was not able to land any serious blows, as Romney parried effectively.

When Obama complained about the $2.1 billion dollar tax deductions given to the oil companies, Romney countered by suggesting that the $90 billion Obama spent on failed green energy projects, such as the now bankrupt Solyndra, could have been better spent elsewhere. Romney landed a final jab by claiming some of the billions spent on green energy projects were given to Obama supporters and campaign donors (ouch!).

Not only was Romney able to highlight Obama’s ineffective policies, he was finally able speak directly to the American people without the filter of a biased media. Romney’s performance in this debate could go a long way in dispelling the Obama campaign’s narrative of Romney as a cold, uncaring rich guy who doesn’t care about the middle class.

If this debate were a prize fight, Romney wins by TKO in a unanimous decision.

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