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Raising The Social Security Retirement Age Is The Wrong Approach

The American people deserve true entitlement reform. Raising the retirement age doesn’t reform an unsustainable system. It simply kicks the can down the road, allowing the current cabal of establishment political elites to continue in office, without making any real decisions on this issue.

What is needed is true reform. We need a system whereby citizens are allowed to build their own retirement accounts from an early age, rather than to pay into a broken ponzi-scheme system their entire lives, in hopes they live long enough for the government to dribble out a few crumbs for them to live on in their later years.

Not only is the current system unsustainable, it doesn’t even allow average citizens to comfortably retire. If today’s young worker had funds removed from their paycheck and placed in a personal retirement account, rather then allowing the government to get their thieving, incompetent hands on the money, we would all be much better off.