Aftermath Of Hurricane Joaquin In South Carolina

UPDATE: Final Death Toll Rises to 17 – Dozens of Dams Breached – Billions in Damage

South Carolina residents are dealing with the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin. The low-country has been especially hard hit. Columbia appears to have taken the brunt of the storm, with massive flooding and power outages.

However, the Upstate has not escaped its wrath, as streams and rivers are bursting at their banks and many residents are still without power.

More than 18 inches of rain fell in just 24 hours in parts of Columbia–more than a third of what this city will see all year–leaving nearly 30,000 people without power.

Six hundred national guardsmen have been activated and 8,000 more are on standby. President Obama has declared a state of emergency and curfews have been ordered. As South Carolina braces for more rainfall, emergency crews will be going door to door today checking on anyone who may be trapped inside their home. link

So far, 8 deaths have been reported, as rescue crews continue to search door to door.

“There’s probably around 100 people in the West Columbia area still trapped in their homes,” said Wyatt Coleman, West Columbia Fire Chief, in a Monday morning interview with The Weather Channel. link

According to South Carolina Emergency Management, hundreds of swift water rescues have been performed across the state.

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    Yeah this is Hugo level destruction.

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