Bizzaro World Of Trump Supporting DACA Amnesty

President Trump Pushes Congress To Pass DACA Amnesty. Yet, He’s Attacked By The Left, As GOP Leadership Rushes To Create Amnesty Legislation.

What a bizarre world we live in when President Trump is being attacked from the left for doing exactly what they are pushing for, which is to make DACA permanent by directing congress to codify it into law.

On The flip side, I see President Trump’s base celebrating the fact that he kicked DACA To Congress, delaying by 6 month to give legislators time to pass a permanent DACA Amnesty into law. Since when did Trump’s base start supporting Amnesty? I certainly don’t remember President Trump advocating for Amnesty during the campaign. Actually, he advocated for just the opposite.

Kicking DACA to congress was the right call. Delaying 6 months, while pushing congress to create and pass DACA amnesty legislation is a clear betrayal of his base by President Trump. Betray us on immigration and support for POTUS will quickly fall away.

It comes as no surprise that the usual suspects; Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell are pushing hard for DACA Amnesty. However, it is quite shocking that a large percentage of the GOP base seems to be on-board, as well. I’m not seeing the kind of push back on DACA Amnesty that I would expect to see from Trump supporters.

Have Trump supporters been subjected to so much Gaslighting they can’t even see what’s happening right in front of their eyes?

As a Trump Supporter from the very beginning, I feel betrayed by POTUS Trump’s push for DACA Amnesty. I can only hope there are enough members of Congress, and in the base of the party, who feel the same way and are willing to stand up and say no to Amnesty in any form.

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