CNN Blames Right Wing Tea Party For Gabrielle Giffords Assassination Attempt

CNN wasted no time in trotting out far left wing pundit David Fitzsimmons who promptly blamed the right for creating a political culture where “This kind of thing was inevitable”, he said. The Arizona Star opinion columnist went on to say, “The right in Arizona has been stoking the fires of heated anger and rage”.

To immediately put someone on the air suggesting that the right is responsible for this attack is the height of irresponsibility on the part of CNN, whether it’s true or not.

There was not a shred of evidence the shooter had ties to the right wing or the Tea Party movement but that didn’t matter to CNN. They have an agenda at CNN and they will never let a crisis go to waste without exploiting that crisis to push said agenda.

With this kind of irresponsible reporting, it’s no wonder the public has such disdain and mistrust of a biased and agenda driven media.

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