Democrats Attempt To Shift Blame For The Obama Downgrade

In a transparent attempt to shift the blame for S&P’s credit downgrade of the federal government, Obama trots out his surrogates to blame the Tea Party movement and S&P for his disastrous fiscal policy. The administration’s allies in the media are also on board with the narrative, as websites from Salon to Huffpo attempt to deflect attention away from Obama’s epic failure to lead us out of our financial crisis.

In yet another out of touch and meaningless speech, President Obama steps in front of the microphone today and proposes new taxes be raised to pay for even more stimulus sending. Not even the lowering of America’s credit rating can move President Downgrade away from his ideological tax and spend agenda.

Obama doesn’t deserve all the blame for America’s massive debt but he (and his party) are certainly to blame for the credit downgrade. The Democrats intransigent stance regarding the amount and timeliness of spending cuts led directly to the credit downgrade. The GOP had offered several plans that would have satisfied S&P, including Cut, Cap & Balance. Evidently, the idea of a balanced budget is a radical notion (and DOA) in the hotbed of progressivism known as the U.S. Senate.

The problem is that Bush increased the national debt from $6 trillion to over $10 trillion during his eight years in office, an increase in the debt of over $4 trillion, which is outrageous.

Instead of solving our debt problems as promised, Obama has increased the national debt by $4 trillion in less than four years and is now increasing the debt by $1.5 trillion a year. At that rate, Obama will have increased the national debt by more than $10 trillion in an eight year period, which is even more outrageous. At the current rate of spending, by the end of two terms, Obama will have incurred more debt than all of the previous presidents combined, including Bush.

The very enlightening chart below shows how the national debt has been increased, depending whether the Democrats or Republicans control congress.

Click for larger image

It is interesting that when Democrats are in control of Congress or when the Congress is split (as it is now), debt as a percentage of GDP increases. However, when the GOP are in control or Congress, debt as a percentage of GDP decreases or stays flat.

Regardless of who is in control of congress and in light of Obama’s failed stimulus, it should be clear that increasing taxes and massive federal spending will never solve America’s debt crisis.

The idea that increased revenue would be used by politicians to pay down the debt is patently absurd. History has shown us that any increased tax revenue will most certainly be used to grow the size of government, not to decrease our national debt. That is the sad truth, no matter what the politicians are currently claiming.

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  1. charity says:

    Do any of the people who respond to this spending crisis relize that it’s medicare, medicaid,social security, and defense spending that is gutting this nation. I don’t think for one moment there’s a tea bagger out there who is willing to make this sacrifice! The problem is this if they were to get rid of all the illegals, food stamps, chips, etc… we will still have this problem. The fact of the matter is everyone wants cuts, but don’t cut the program they care about. Who’s to blame for the downgrade. Honestly I think it’s Obama,Boehner, and the tea party. Obama for not having in balls, Boehner needs to find his as well, and the Tea Party for being simply stupid, and short sighted. What value is it to win the battle, but lose the war! Jesus do they realize how America is looking in the eyes of the world right now. All of becuase they have a man of color in the white house.

    • Scott says:

      Why is it that whenever anyone disagrees with President Downgrade’s policies, they’re labeled a racist? It’s a tired, ineffective ad hominem attack that is used whenever progressives can’t defend their position. Why don’t you peeps actually address real issues, for once? I guess it’s just easier to hurl personal attacks at those with whom you disagree, huh?

      The fact of the matter is that most liberty loving Tea Party patriots would like to see a decrease in military spending. We don’t support a massive military industrial complex, nor do we support getting involved in entangling foreign disputes and alliances. You are confusing Tea Party patriots with progressive GOP neocons. ;)

      Tea Party patriots want to see across the board spending cuts, especially in the massive Federal bureaucracy that is bankrupting our Republic.

      As far as entitlements are concerned, I support only the minimum safety nets for those who are really unable to work. Social security is as about as sustainable as any other pyramid scheme. In addition, the monies we paid into the social security system has been stolen by our so called “representatives” and they have wasted it on other things. That is a fact and I blame both parties equally for not properly handling the funds we entrusted them with.

      Our government needs to just let us keep our own money and save for our own retirement and health care, rather than paying into a rigged system for our entire lives, in hopes we live long enough for the government to dribble us out a few hundred dollars a month so we can barely survive.

      The idea that we don’t want cuts in programs we care about is a fallacy perpetuated by state controlled media and the left-wing blogosphere.

      I’m sick and tired of the left passing blame off on the Tea Party movement. It’s like blaming the person who is calling 911 to report a fire. I can play the blame game too.

      Obama has downgraded our economy.
      Obama has downgraded our jobs.
      Obama has downgraded our wealth.
      Obama has downgraded NASA.
      Obama has downgraded our borders and immigration laws.
      Obama has downgraded America’s standing in the world.
      Obama has downgraded our capitalist system.
      Obama has downgraded individual responsibility and personal liberty.

      Obama will forever be known as President Downgrade.

      How’s that for blame? :)

      It’s so easy to demonize, it bores me.

    • Chris Hembree says:

      I’m sorry that people like you who are so misinformed think that you know everything. You know NOTHING about the Tea “PARTY” and very little about economics.

    • Chris Hembree says:


      Man of color has NOTHING to do with it. Did you watch the MSNBC reports on Why Herman Cain isn’t a real candidate. I saw it and it made me sick. Racism is a TOTALY LEFT WING MENTALITY! Liberals don’t even have the abuility to think past the 1960’s. We have TV stations, and Church’s, and Government Programs, and Scholarships that are for”Colored’s Only” and they are ALL run by Liberals.

  2. Winghunter says:

    Thank you! Folks need to see this. I’ll spread it around like peanut butter on a hot day.

  3. Top Politics says:

    Let’s not forget he said things like “I’ve now been in 57 states — I think one left to go.” –at a campaign event in Beaverton, Oregon. When taking out UBL and passing a healthcare program (that 70% of Americans hate) are the only things worth running on… How can Clinton not take a run at this guy?

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