George Soros Funded Group Plans To Smear The Tea Party Movement

Billionaire Globalist and far left activist George Soros has embarked on a smear campaign against the Tea Party movement, by funding the new website: tea party tracker dot org.

Sponsoring the new smear site will be Think Progress and Media Matters, two websites known for slanted, biased and outright dishonest reporting. Not to be outdone, the NAACP is also sponsoring the website.

Think Progress is a George Soros funded operation, with connections to the Center for American Progress and MoveOn, of which Soros is a also a major supporter.

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” — George Soros

Critics suggest the intent of this new website will be to portray the Tea party as a gaggle of fringe kooks, anarchists and racists. Tea Party Tracker will attempt to find images and clips of Tea Party members that support TPT’s negative view of the movement.

The Tea Party movement faced a similar threat in 2009, when left-wing plants began showing up at Tea Party rallies with racist signs. They were quickly identified and branded as “infiltrators” by actual Tea Party activists.

Tea Party spokesmen have dismissed the new website as a transparent attempt to smear the entire Tea Party movement by focusing on a few extreme examples in a crowd. They go on to suggest the Tea Party has already proven itself to be a mainstream movement, concerned only with fiscal responsibility, limited government and individual liberty.

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