GOP Cowards Who Refuse To Answer Questions From Donald Trump

Who needs a presidential candidate too cowardly to answer questions from Donald Trump, who will be moderating the NewsMax debate in Iowa on December 27th?

The list of cowards now include progressive hacks Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, along with the incompetent Rick Perry. More surprising is the fact that both Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann have now backed out.

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, said it best in a recent article on

The point of a Republican primary election is to choose a candidate to represent the modern Republican party in the campaign for the presidency.

Why then have Republicans allowed some nice folks from MSNBC or Bloomberg or CNN to frame the conversation between Republican candidates and Republican voters? They ask questions that liberal elites find endlessly fascinating, not questions important to Reagan Republicans.

That is why I am encouraged that Newsmax, the great conservative magazine and website run by leading conservative Christopher Ruddy, will be hosting a debate in Iowa on December 27. According to Nielson data, over 7 million Americans visit each month. Four million subscribe to the Newsmax E-mail list and over a million people read the Newsmax print magazine. Therefore the debate questions will be of interest to Republicans, not liberals.

Any GOP primary candidate who is too cowardly to take questions from a NewsMax panel, moderated by Donald Trump, certainly doesn’t deserve to be the GOP presidential candidate. How will they possibly deal with Obama, or other world leaders, and more importantly, America’s enemies?

Are they afraid to answer tough questions regarding trade with China, outsourcing jobs and other issues important to real conservatives? I think the answer is a resounding “yes”. They are too cowardly to speak to the issues that will define a new direction for the GOP because the GOP establishment doesn’t really want to change direction.

I guess that leaves us with Newt Gingrich & Rick Santorum, who are not exactly Tea Party candidates, but at least they aren’t too cowardly to take questions from NewsMax.

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