GOP Establishment Candidates Lost Senate (Not The Tea Party)

The narrative that TEA Party backed candidates were somehow responsible for the GOP’s lackluster showing in the 2010 midterm election, which is continually being espoused by political pundits on all sides, is not grounded in reality.

While it is true that several Tea Party backed candidates lost their senate bids, the Tea Party was responsible for many of the GOP pickups in the senate, as well as the rout that occurred in the House of Representatives and in the state legislatures.

Let’s take a look at the facts, shall we?

GOP establishment Candidate Carly Fiorina was trounced by Democrat Barbara Boxer in the California race. GOP backed Linda McMahon was beaten handily by Democrat Richard Blumenthal in Connecticut. GOP establishment backed Eric Wargotz of Maryland was destroyed by Democrat Barbara Mikulski. GOP establishment backed Jim Huffman was defeated by Democrat Ron Wyuden in Oregon. Democrat Patrick Leahy defeated GOP establishment candidate Len Britton In Vermont.

Perhaps if the GOP had actually supported more Tea Party backed candidates, rather than attack, demonize and withhold support for them, the GOP would have faired much better in the 2010 midterms.

Considering the treatment the newly elected Tea Party backed candidates are now getting from the GOP leaders, it doesn’t seem that the establishment is getting the message. It appears Tea Party backed candidates are being passed over for committee memberships in an effort to marginalize their impact.

I have sneaking suspicion that Tea Party activists are not going to take this lying down. The GOP establishment should realize that 2012 is not that far away and many more Tea Party backed candidates will be elected in 2012, with or without the backing of the entrenched GOP establishment.

The Tea Party’s goal should be to elect enough candidates to take over the leadership in both houses of congress. In the Senate, assuming that the the GOP takes 51 seats, it would only require 26 Tea Party backed candidates to take control of the senate leadership, voting Tea Party backed candidates into leadership and committee chair positions. Only then will real change come to Washington.

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