GOP Establishment Scrambles For A Progressive Neocon Candidate

The GOP establishment is seeking a big government progressive who can win the Republican primary. Of course, their preferred candidate is Mitt Romney, but neocons fear Romney can’t win. GOP voters and Tea Party activists want Obamacare to be one of the key issues in the debate leading up to the 2012 election.

Mitt Romney refuses to reject the unconstitutional mandate that forces all U.S. citizens to purchase health care insurance. Obamacare and the individual mandate is off the table with a Mitt Romney candidacy.

What’s a GOP establishment neocon to do?

Well, they could trot out Newt Gingrich, who also supports the individual mandate. In addition to a chronic case of foot in mouth disease, Gingrich is a severely flawed candidate on so many levels. Newt’s role will most likely be to run interference for Mitt Romney in the early primary states.

Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman is setting up shop in Florida. Obama’s former ambassador to China will be a darling of state run media in the sunshine state. Progressives on both sides of the aisle love a RINO so count on Huntsman being the stalking horse for Romney in the Florida GOP primary. Remember how Rudy Giuliani campaigned hard in Florida during the 2008 campaign? Rudy got just enough support to ensure a split in the primary vote, giving McCain the win. Look for Huntsman to do the same for Romney.

Even though Haley Barbour, Mike Huckabee and Mitch Daniels have decided not to run, the GOP establishment is not out of options just yet. They still have the dynamic “cap and trade” advocate Tim Pawlenty and the stiff neo-conservative Rick Santorum in their arsenal of candidates, neither of whom have much of a chance of being anything other than a spoiler in several GOP primary states.

There is always Herman Cain. According to the media, he’s another “darling of the Tea Party movement”. I guess no one noticed that Cain served for years as chairman of the board to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. I find it interesting that not one media pundit has questioned Cain regarding his role with the Federal Reserve. The last time I checked, most Tea Party activists would like to end the Federal Reserve system, or at the least, have a full audit of the Fed. Cain is on record saying, “There’s no hidden secrets going on in the Federal Reserve” … “No need to Audit the Fed”.

With such a great field of contenders, what is the GOP establishment worried about? Could they be worried that the divide and conquer primary strategy might not work this time around? Could they be concerned that candidates like Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul or Gary Johnson could actually gain momentum and win the nomination?

More likely, they are content in the knowledge that most right wing media outlets will paint anyone who doesn’t tow the GOP establishment line as stupid or kooky or both. Left wing media outlets will do their part as well, playing up moderates as reasonable and willing to “reach across the aisle” (code for promoting a big government progressive agenda).

Perhaps it’s time for true conservatives and liberty loving Tea Party patriots to ignore the obfuscation and distractions the media and GOP elite have in store for us, vote for real “change” this time around and not allow the establishment to pick our presidential candidate. One can only hope but hope is little comfort in the face of reality.

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