GOP Heads Reject Tea Party Backed Primary Winner Christine O’Donnell

Just after Christine O’Donnell’s big win over GOP Establishment Candidate Mike Castle in the Delaware Senate primary, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) stated they wouldn’t be funding her campaign.

It was reported that the NRSC suggested O’Donnell’s “Tea Party” backers would need to step up and fund her campaign.

This comes after a massive smear campaign waged against her by the GOP establishment. The assault continued on Fox News, with attacks on O’Donnell from Carl Rove and Dana Perino.

The GOP believed her opponent, Mike Castle, was a shoe-in for the Senate seat, but Tea Party activists rejected Castle as a progressive insider who voted for the unpopular “cap & trade” energy tax legislation. In the end, the primary voters held Castle accountable.

The refusal to support O’Donnell by the NRSC will surely widen the growing schism between the Tea Party movement and the GOP elite.

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