Harry Reid’s Covert Illegal Amnesty Plan Fails In The Senate

Harry Reid’s attempt to piggy back his back door illegal alien amnesty plan on a defense appropriations bill was shot down by the Senate today with a cloture vote of 56-43.

Reid hoped to attach this legislation to an appropriations bill in a thinly veiled attempt to woo potential Hispanic voters in his battle for the Senate with Tea Party favorite Sharon Angle.

As reported on Michele Malkin’s website, Reid attempted to hold the defense bill hostage to his far left social justice agenda.

*The broadly-drafted Senate bill would confer benefits on applicants up to age 35 and the House bill contains no age ceiling at all.

*The academic achievement requirements are minimal.

*Moreover, illegal aliens who didn’t arrive in the country until they turned 15 – after they laid down significant roots in their home country – would be eligible for DREAM Act benefits and eventual U.S. citizenship.

*Like past amnesty packages, the Democrat plan is devoid of any concrete eligibility and enforcement mechanisms to deter already-rampant immigration benefit fraud.

*DREAM Act illegal alien beneficiaries would not be eligible for Pell educational grants, but would be eligible for other federal scholarships, grants, and work-study programs.

Aside from granting educational benefits to illegal aliens, benefits that American citizens aren’t eligible to receive, the bill would facilitate chain migration, making members of the participant’s family eligible for U.S. citizenship, as well.

It is proper to reward someone for coming to this country illegally? Should we be filling limited slots in colleges with illegal immigrants, at the expense of American students?

I think the answer is obvious. With a depressed job market, it makes no sense whatsoever to educate illegals so they can take an ever shrining number of jobs away from American citizens.

Harry Reid went on to threaten; “We’re going to vote on the DREAM Act. It’s only a question of when”.

Harry Reid’s DREAM act is truly a nightmare for American citizens. Let’s hope the wise citizens of Nevada will soon send Harry Reid back into the private sector, where he belongs.

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