Intel Confirms HDTV/BluRay Encryption Has Been Cracked

According to a recent report on Fox News, it has been confirmed that the encryption which protects High Definition digital content has been cracked.

This does no bode well for the supporters of DRM (Digital Rights Management) but it will allow consumers to backup their high definition digital media, with many consumers asserting it is their right to do so.

Intel confirmed Thursday to that the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) — the digital rights management software that governs every device that plays high-def content — had in fact been compromised.

“It does appear to be a master key,” said Tom Waldrop, a spokesman for Intel, which developed and oversees the HDCP technology.

Well, that didn’t take long.

Experts claim the decryption must be chip based at present so we wouldn’t expect a software solution to be quickly forthcoming. However, it would not be surprising to see HD/BluRay recorders with an embedded decryption chip appear for sale on the Internet in the near future.

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