Intel Discovers Major Flaw In 6-Series Chipsets

Intel has confirmed a major glitch in their “Cougar Point” chips, support chips which are included on main-boards and embedded devices. The flaw severely degrades the performance of connected hard drives and other SATA connected devices.

An Intel spokesman stated that the company has no plans to formally recall the affected chips, which could cost the company over $1 billion dollars

The glitch in Cougar Point, a support chip used in conjunction with its latest “Sandy Bridge” microprocessors and 6-series chipsets, was discovered Monday, when Intel halted shipments of the chip. Cougar Point was found to have a structural flaw inside of it that degraded the performance of SATA-linked devices such as hard-disk drives. The Sandy Bridge processor itself was not affected. link

The website has a detailed explanation of the flaw that affects these chips.

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