Let’s Blame The Tea Party For America’s Debt Crisis

The Tea Party movement is composed of average American citizens who simply decided to point out the fiscal ineptitude of their elected politicians. Why? Perhaps it’s because most of the politically ideological driven sheep-like citizenry of America have allowed politicians to kick the can, finger-point, and name call their way into office, while using our tax dollars to buy reelection. Apparently, the mainstream media has abdicated it’s once cherished role as “watchdog” and have become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the statist policies of Washington’s political elite. The citizens of America are as responsible as the politicians for the fiscal train-wreck that has befallen our great country because we have allowed ourselves to become uninformed. Since most Americans are too complacent and caught up in their own lives to educate themselves as to why D.C. politics has become detrimental to the sovereignty of our country, a force was needed to combat the apparent European-style socialist driven policies that are responsible for the impending financial crisis. A group of informed citizens was needed to act as a firewall to slow down and eventually stop this mad race to implement “The American Financial Insanity Act”, which serves to enslave future generations with unmanageable and perpetual debt.

The Tea Party formed as the voice of fiscal sanity, constitutional government and maximum individual liberty. Contrary to media blather, members of the Tea Party movement have became a needed voice of reason in American politics, a voice in opposition to endless government spending and growth. They have demanded politicians stop using tax increases to continue to grow the federal government and debt. The Tea Party wants to see an end to irresponsibility, unaccountability and the increasing level of corruption in government we now see, a government driven by a progressive ideology from both the Republican and Democrat parties. The Tea Party movement brought to the forefront these issues and have revealed the fraud on both sides of the political spectrum, and seeks to expose those who benefit from the corrupt system. The political elite’s game of “shadow-play” is now out in the open, and they don’t like it one bit.

In typical Saul Alinsky fashion, the blame is now being pinned on the Tea Party movement, in order to deflect from the real issue, which is incompetence (and a quest for power) on the part of our so called “representatives”. Had the Tea Party not formed to fight D.C. politics, uninformed Americans and misleading politicians could have continued to exist in a fantasy world where money grows on trees (federal reserve), debt is great, increased taxes are always needed, and legislation is passed to the benefit of special interests. With the rise of the Tea Party movement, these issues now dominate the political landscape and drive the debate, which has angered the establishment political elites. Politicians are no longer operating under the cover of darkness. They have been exposed by those who are now pointing out these problems. Namely, the Tea Party.

Considering the blame being placed on the Tea Party movement for all of our countries ills, let’s see how many of America’s problems were not caused by the Tea Party. With some help from Neal Cavuto, here’s the score…

Fact One — Tea Partiers’ opposition to tax hikes didn’t bring us to this brink. Washington’s indifference to spending did.

Fact Two — Tea Partiers didn’t create these deficits. Washington did.

Fact Three — Tea Partiers didn’t wreck the budget this year. Try Democrats, who had total control of Washington, not even offering a budget at all… last year.

Fact Four — Tea Partiers aren’t the reason we’re up against another debt limit. Washington is.

Fact Five — Tea Partiers aren’t suddenly to blame for the credit ratings agencies now putting this country’s credit on watch. Credit ratings agencies first warned about this years ago.

Fact Six — Tea Partiers have been consistently opposed to the gimmicks that created this mess. Washington’s consistently offered only more gimmicks to allegedly fix this mess.

Fact Seven — Tea Partiers aren’t the only ones saying a debt hike without meaningful spending cuts is a waste. Standard and Poor’s itself warned such a deal would be a travesty.

Fact Eight — Tea Partiers aren’t the crazy ones for saying it’s time to stop this nonsense. Those who call them crazy for dare speaking the obvious are the ones who make “no” sense.

Fact Nine — Tea Partiers resisting business as usual aren’t the problem right now. Self-serving politicians still practicing business as usual are.

Fact Ten — Tea Partiers demanding accountability isn’t the stuff that brought us to this brink. Washington’s continued failure to “be” accountable has us at the brink. link

In addition…

1. Tea Party did not get America into military action in at least five countries.

2. The Tea Party did not decide to raid specific funds, paid by taxpayers to fund excess government growth, and turn these social safety net programs into Ponzi schemes.

3. The Tea Party did not create our Federal Government “pay to play” structure, where corporate lobbyist (including former politicians) are rewarded for political campaign support.

4. The Tea Party did not form 17 debt commissions over the past 30 years which eventually called for tax increases.

5. The Tea Party did not create a mind boggling, unfair tax code that grows like the Federal Government, in which rules are made up along the way, depending on which moneyed interest is paying the top dollar.

6. The Tea Party did not create, nor seek to eliminate, Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid, but wants to reform them into accountable, non-Ponzi programs.

7. The Tea Party has never sought to exclude any person based on race, gender, religion or ethnic background! Those who seem attracted to the movement are truly concerned about America’s sovereignty and solvency.

8. The Tea Party did not incentivize American industry, which started the Industrial Revolution, to move American manufacturing jobs out of America to profit from 3rd-world type Communist slave labor.

9. The Tea Party did not decide to not protect our borders from illegal invaders who choose not to come through America’s front door.

10. The Tea Party did not create the perpetual War On Terrorism, the War On Poverty or the War On Drugs.

11. The Tea Party has never supported “Too Big To Fail” policies.

12. The Tea Party does not support eliminating taxes on the wealthy.

13. The Tea Party does not support the creation of America as another failed European social experiment.

All the Tea Party did was bring to the attention of the American public the problems that both Republicans and Democrats created. It seems that no one is willing to stand up to Washington’s political elite, except the Tea Party. These politicians are only interested in power and have no intention of addressing, much less fixing, the financial crisis they’ve created. The media and Washington establishment have demonized the messenger and it seems many voters who haven’t been paying close attention to the facts are buying into the lies. Fortunately for them, the Tea Party is not going to put the cat back in the bag. So when you look back, after America has regained her footing, one prevailing thought should come to mind.

Yes, it is the Tea Party’s fault.

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  1. Dan says:

    Hey Scott,

    This an astute summarization of the problems the US is facing today. I am going to vote for anybody but an established politician. It’s time for term limits on these slimeball professional politicians. Well written.

  2. Tonya says:

    Sen. Rubio: “Save the Whole House or It Will All Burn Down”


  3. Lyle says:

    Now Kerry (and others) are blaming the Tea Party for our credit downgrade; how outradgious is that? They nearly spend us into oblivion (not nearly; actually) and then try to blame the only group of patriots that are trying to help fix our economy. Anyway, blame won’t get us anywhere. The Arab exchange today got hit hard so it’s just a possible prelude to what our market will be tomorrow (Monday). We got to stop this drunken sailor spending binge pronto, but it doesn’t look like that will happen soon enough. :)

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