Neocon Big Gun Chris Christie Endorses Romney

If true conservatives were still in the dark regarding Chis Christie’s conservative bona fides, they received a wake up call today, when the NJ Governor endorsed progressive neocon RINO Mitt Romney for POTUS.

Establishment GOP neocons continue to circle the wagons behind Mitt Romney, falsely believing that he is the most palatable Republican candidate for a general election. This misguided calculation could cost them the presidency, just as it did in 2008. Hasn’t the GOP figured out that the base is no longer going to settle for “progressive light”? Haven’t they realized that we are not going to allow the lame stream press and Fox News to pick our candidate?

I suspect the answer is no, on both counts.

Or, perhaps the real truth is that they expect Tea Party activists to jump on-board with the “Anybody but Obama” mantra, hold their collective noses and vote for Romney. How did that work out with John McCain? Then again, maybe they’re right. There might be enough ill-informed, headline reading, robotic sheep voters to give Romney and the neocons a win.

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  1. Moon Puppy says:

    I don’t trust him, he’s just another New England opportunist liberal politician who’d be running as a democrat if that were the party in favor right now.

    • Scott says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I wouldn’t vote for Romney as dog catcher. Bachmann and Paul are the true consistent conservatives in the field. The rest are a bunch of establishment, progressive, big government, elitists hacks.

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