Nikki Haley Is Already Supporting New Tax Increases

In the recent Upstate Voice article highlighting the SC Tax Commission’s proposed tax increases, I wondered how the Tea Party backed Gubernatorial Candidate Nikki Haley would weigh in on the issue. To my dismay, I discovered that she actually supports re-instating the sales tax on Groceries.

In a recent interview with The State, Haley stated her position.

Haley said she favors taxing groceries because eliminating the tax “didn’t create one job.”

Are you kidding me? So, all tax decreases must somehow create jobs? Can she be certain the lower taxes didn’t create even one job? I suspect the lower taxes did indeed contribute to job growth.

My reservations regarding Nikki Haley appears to be justified, considering her stance on adding new taxes. Like most other establishment political insiders, she doesn’t get it.

The majority of S.C. citizens oppose any form of new tax increases. Tea Party members simply want to see smaller government, along with lower taxes. The idea that government would increase taxes in one area, in order to give tax breaks in another area, is a zero sum gain. It’s the old tax swap scam, a political game that always leaves the citizens on the short end of the stick. Can you say sales tax for property tax swap? That didn’t work out too well for most of us.

Nikki Haley needs to rethink her position on this issue. The government doesn’t “create jobs”. Government needs to get out of the way and let the free market work. “Government isn’t the solution to our problems, government is the problem -Ronald Regan”. Nikki Haley needs to understand that concept.

I want to hear specifics from Nikki Haley on how she plans to shrink South Carolina government, not how she supports central planning and tax swaps in an effort to spur job growth. That sounds more like a progressive neocon agenda, rather than a true conservative agenda.

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