Not All Tea Party Activists Oppose SC Tax Exemption For Amazon

With the SC house gearing up for another vote to exempt Amazon from collecting SC sales tax, some members of Tea Party are rallying to Amazon’s defense.

Most Tea Party members support lower taxes. At the same time, they oppose government intervention into the private sector and the favoring of one business over another. In the case of Amazon, it should be clear to everyone that the revenue gained in other areas will far outweigh the loss in sales tax revenue.

… it would net state and local coffers $11 million after an exemption costing $2.5 million. link

Neither the Campaign for Liberty, nor the Chamber of Commerce, nor the Southern Baptists can speak for the Tea Party movement. Matter of fact, anyone who claims to speak for the Tea Party movement is simply attempting to hijack the movement in an effort to promote their own ideology. It’s time to put aside ideological purism and do what is best for the citizens of South Carolina.

Tea Party activists should reject any attempt by state governments to impose an Internet sales tax on distribution centers located in their state. Amazon is only asking for a 5 year exemption and when you look at the proposal as a whole, it is a big win for South Carolina.

I urge everyone to contact their local representatives and tell them to support the 5 year tax exemption for Amazon. Considering how badly we need jobs and revenue in South Carolina, this should be a no-brainer.

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