Obama Appoints Rabid Progressive Jesse Lee As Internet Propaganda Czar

Watch out bloggers, there’s a new terminator in town. Nancy Pelosi’s former whipping boy has been promoted from his current White House position in the “new media” department to the official title of “Director of Progressive Media & Online Response”.

A cursory review of his past work shows he spent a few years spinning propaganda and making mundane blog posts on Former House Speaker Pelosi’s official blog entitled; “The Gavel”.

Speaking glowingly of Pelosi in an interview with Sky Magazine, Jesse opines..

…the first woman Speaker (who was both brilliant and treated me like a grandson), …

Pelosi? Brilliant? Not sure of those two words have ever appeared in a sentence before. If Jesse thinks Nancy Pelosi is “brilliant”, what does that say about Jesse?

Jessie worked a small stint with the DNC on the so called “Rapid Response” team during the 2008 election campaign, which led to a position in the Obama White House as “Online Programs Director”. Jessie spent his days spinning progressive propaganda for the Obama administration and writing nauseating little headlines like “A Culture Change on Climate Change” and “Fixing Our Broken Immigration System: “E Pluribus, Unum“.

Below is an excerpt that demonstrates the kind of meaningless propaganda and tired talking points we get from a Jesse Lee authored article.

Perhaps his (Obama’s) central argument for fixing an immigration system that we all know is broken, however, was that it’s an integral part of America winning the future and creating a stronger economy for our kids:

Translation: a broken immigration system equates to amnesty for illegals and winning the future means pandering to the Hispanic vote in order to get reelected. Oh, and it’s all for the children … how special.

If you want to learn more about Jessie Lee’s collectivist, elitist world view, take a look at a few of his rambling, misguided muses which have been reprinted over at Pajamas Media. It turns out that his wife, Nita Chaudary, works for the George Soros funded moveon.org (what a shocker) and she may have had a hand in the “General Betray Us” ad debacle.

So, get ready bloggers. Jessie is here to speak truth to power. Wait, no that’s not it. He’s speaking power to truth. No, that’s not it either. He will be twisting the facts and manipulating the stats in an effort to paint Barack in the best possible light, while attempting to further the radical progressive agenda of the Obama administration, in addition to helping Obama compile his enemies list. Yeah, that’s it.

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  1. Tonya says:

    “Translation: a broken immigration system equates to amnesty for illegals and winning the future means pandering to the Hispanic vote in order to get reelected. Oh, and it’s all for the children … how special.”

    I can’t believe anything will get Obama re-elected, not even the Hispanic vote. If nothing else, hopefully Obama’s ineptitude will force voters to the polls to vote for anyone else except him.

    • Scott says:

      Obama’s refusal to cut spending has now resulted in America’s credit rating being downgraded. His energy policy is badly damaging our country and causing our energy prices to skyrocket. Obama is a far left ideological hack and I certainly hope voters have figured that out by now.

  2. Lyle says:

    It’s sad the Orwell’s Doublespeak Ministry has now come to fruition. Talk about a bureau of Propaganda. Tired of the posers that post their cr@p at sites where the clear consensus is opposed to them consistently. I always jokingly (though it may actually be true) that these guys are paid to do their posts on Soros dime. Anyway, now that we have places like Attack Watch, this cr@p is really starting to creep me out. I, unfortunately, don’t see an end to this madness. I recently posted this blurb at the Blaze (see below). Anyway, I guess we will soon have to be careful what we post for get rounded up by BO’s hounds. lol


    “Just remember everyone hates a tattle-tale. These are supposed posts made by folk at BO’s Attack Watch. Some are just hilariously funny and am sure done sarcastically. :)


    a responst to this post: http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2011/09/14/conservatives-have-a-field-day-with-obama-campaigns-attackwatch/

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