Sanford Schools Colbert In Congressional Debate

The South Carolina 1st District Congressional debate between Former Governor Mark Sanford and Elizabeth Colbert Busch demonstrated a stark difference between the two candidates. While Governor Sanford demonstrated a knowledge and command of the issues, Colbert Busch appeared uninformed and defensive. Sanford highlighted his excellent track record of fiscal conservatism. On the other hand, it was quite clear Colbert Busch was attempting to hide her liberal positions from the voters of the conservative leaning 1st district.

Sanford hammered Busch over the flood of money she received from left-wing special interests, including massive financial backing from Nancy Pelosi’s PAC, labor unions and other liberal organizations. Colbert Busch cannot compete with the conservative record of Mark Sanford, so she resorted to typical leftist strategy of personal attacks, in her efforts to discredit the former Governor.

Candidate’s Positions On The Issues

Mark Sanford

  • Smaller Government
  • Lower Taxes
  • Less Regulation
  • Supports School Vouchers
  • Opposes Medicaid/Medicare Expansion in SC
  • Opposes Illegal Alien Amnesty
  • Opposes Gun Control
  • Opposed Government Stimulus
  • Anti-Abortion

Elizabeth Colbert Busch

  • Larger Government
  • Higher Taxes
  • More Government Regulation
  • Supports Medicaid/Medicare Expansion in SC
  • Opposes School Vouchers
  • Supports Current Amnesty Bill
  • Supports More Gun Control
  • Supports Government Stimulus
  • Pro-Abortion

Watching the debate, the only conclusion one could reach is that Colbert Bush is a run of the mill liberal, backed by liberal special interests, who is attempting to hide who she really is and how she will vote, if elected to Congress.

For this reason, Upstate Voice is officially endorsing Mark Sanford. There is no question that our former governor is the real conservative choice in this race.

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