Santorum’s Iowa Win/Loss/Performance Brings Scrutiny Over His Conservative Record

After Santorum’s Narrow Iowa loss (or win, no one may ever really know), expect the see his opponents bring out the big knives. Coming out of nowhere, Santorum is a relative unknown to many GOP voters, at least on a national level. Most fiscal conservatives might not know that Santorum endorsed Arlen Specter, over Pat Toomey, in the 2004 election cycle. I would hazard to guess that Specter is not exactly the candidate the Tea Party movement, or any small government conservative, would support. There are also questions revolving around Santorum’s lack of support (or total rejection) of privacy rights under the U.S. constitution. Santorum’s rabid support for the so called ‘Patriot Act” doesn’t exactly make him a friend of privacy rights or individual liberty.

Rick Santorum voted 8 times to raise the debt ceiling and has been blasted by conservatives as the “King of Earmarks“.

Sanrotum claims to be a consistent social conservative but the Tea Party movement was never supposed to be about social issues. The Tea Party movement is supposed to be about true fiscal conservatism, small government and maximum individual liberty, and with that liberty comes individual responsibility. Is Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum really the leader it will take to save our country from big government progressives?

The big question is whether the GOP is really ready for a change in direction, and a movement back toward constitutional government, or will the Republican party continue to vote for Neocons who wrap themselves in the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag?

That still remains to be seen. However, many Tea Party patriots fear the GOP establishment is still out of touch with the base of their party and their insistence on pushing candidates like John McCain, Mitt Romney and/or Rick Santorum will result in 4 more years of Obama, whether we see a 3rd party arise in this elections cycle, or not.

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