Say Goodbye To Free Speech and Hello To War

The left and their media allies, in an attempt to distract from Obama’s failed foreign policy, covered up the latest 9/11 terror attacks by AQ (which killed 4 Americans). The Obama administration claimed it was just an unruly mob, angry over some anti-Muslim YouTube film trailer that practically no one has seen, or even knew existed.

Now the “authorities” have arrested and perp-walked the film maker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, claiming he violated probation and he must be detained because he’s a flight risk.

I guess free speech doesn’t exist, when it affects Obama’s election chances or happens to expose his failed middle-east policies, policies that have given us the Muslim brotherhood in control of Egypt, along with major unrest in the entire region.

Experts predict that we are heading for a confrontation with Iran, very soon in the next President’s term. Israel will never allow Iraq to have nuclear weapons and since time is running out, they will certainly attack next year. The U.S. will have to step in, slap down Iran, contain events and keep the conflict from escalating into something larger.

Aside from deciding who is the best to leader to manage the faltering economy, the American people must ask themselves; “Who would be he best choice for the job of Commander in Chief, when the Israel-Iran conflict erupts”?

Voters much carefully consider that question before casting their ballots in November.

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