State Senator Pushes For Gun Registration In South Carolina

State senator Marlon Kimpson (D) is preparing to introduce legislation requiring all South Carolina residents to register their guns, along with new laws to ban so called “assault weapons”.

Kimpson plans to introduce a total of five bills to the S.C. General Assembly, including new requirements to report lost or stolen firearms, as well as enhanced background checks for those seeking to purchase firearms.

Kimpson was part of the cabal of race hustlers who supported removal of the Confederate Battle flag from the Civil War Soldier’s Memorial. Typical of race merchants, who “never let a tragedy go to waste”, Kimpson is attempting to capitalize politically on the shooting at Charleston’s Emanuel Church, in a futile effort to further the left’s anti-gun agenda in S.C..

Fortunately, most citizens of South Carolina embrace our 2nd Amendment rights and will never submit to gun registration, which everyone knows will eventually lead to gun confiscation. Upstate Voice expects this legislation to end up exactly where it belongs, in the trash bin.

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  1. Darth Visor says:

    This will never happen in S.C.

    From my cold dead hands!

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