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America First Takes A Hit, As Steve Bannon Resigns

It’s A Sad Day For The “America First” Agenda, As Steve Bannon Leaves The Trump Administration. Bannon’s Populist Message Of Economic Nationalism Helped Propel Donald J. Trump To The Presidency.

We Can Only Hope That Bannon Remains A Strong Anti-Globalist Voice After His Departure From The Swamp, And That President Trump Remains Steadfast In His Commitments To Voters, As He Faces Ever Stronger Headwinds From The Fake News Media and The Globalist Elite Political Ruling Class.

Trump Wins! Deal With It

With the election of Donald J. Trump, American voters have dealt a death blow to the entire politically correct, SJW safe space, anti-free speech culture, at the height of its power. Citizens have had enough of gender neutral pronouns, open borders immigration, top down social engineering, terrible trade deals and stagnant growth.

America now has a President who will place the needs of Veterans over the needs illegal aliens and Syrian refugees. He will place the needs of American workers over the greed of multinational corporations seeking to offshore our jobs. Trump will utilize America’s vast energy resources, over the irrational objections of hysterical climate change alarmists.

We now control the Senate and the House, which allows us to keep our Constitutional rights intact by avoiding a far left-wing SCOTUS. It is truly a great day for America. We finally have a President who will actually put forth a true “America First” agenda.