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Tea Party Will Support Stimulus For A Border Fence

Obama is asking for $450 billion in new stimulus spending. Why not use a small portion of that stimulus to build a REAL border fence? I’m sure the Tea Party would support this kind of infrastructure spending. To make the left happy, union labor could used for the construction. It would be a win-win for everyone.

Best Border Fence

Best Border Fence


A border fence could create thousands of new jobs, while at the same time, helping to secure the border. Once the border is secure, we can enter into a discussion as to how to handle the 20 million undocumented aliens that are currently in the United States, which would be welcome news for Hispanics who would like to see immigration reform.

The fence must be built to exacting standards. The virtual fence was a 3 billion dollar boondoggle. A less than adequate fence, or a so called virtual fence, would not secure the border. The proof that the current fence is woefully inadequate is demonstrated in the following video.

[vsw id=”XHjKBjM1ngw” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”380″ autoplay=”no”]


Obama Calls For More Spending After First Stimulus Failed Miserably

As expected, Obama called for another round of stimulus spending during his much ballyhooed “Jobs Speech” before a joint session of Congress on Thursday night.

Obama proposed $450 billion in new spending while announcing the so called “American Jobs Act”, but as usual, he gave few details on how or when the new speeding would be “paid for”. According to Obama, the “rich” will be taxed more. But, who defines “rich”? If the “rich” are those making 200K or more a year, that would mean taxing small businesses, at the time we should be incentivizing small businesses. Obama went on to engage in an incomprehensible, out of both sides of the mouth, disgusting display of class warfare that brought forth a well deserved round of load moans from conservatives in the chamber.

Obama referred to the new spending as being “targeted” and I’m sure that will be the case. Just as with the first stimulus, it will be targeted to bail out liberal states whose public sector unions and their political cronies have bankrupted their treasury with ridiculous benefits and Cadillac pension/health care plans. The only jobs this stimulus will save is unionized government jobs, at the very time in our history that big government bureaucracy should be cut.