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Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy Endorse GOP Establishment Candidate Marco Rubio

Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy have shown their true colors by endorsing Marco Rubio in the GOP primary. It comes as no big surprise to see Trey Gowdy jump on the Rubio bandwagon. Gowdy has been a good little GOPe puppet since he arrived in congress. However, it is more disturbing to see Tim Scott go “full on establishment” with his endorsement of Marco Rubio.

One would expect a Senator, who supposedly rejects open borders and amnesty, to also reject a candidate who champions and advocates those causes. A big red flag was raised when Tim Scott rushed to the side of our race hustling Governor Nikki Haley, in a breakneck effort to remove the battle flag from the civil war soldiers’ memorial. It was a cowardly act of disrespect to the fallen, their families and the citizens of South Carolina.

Combine the flag betrayal with Scott’s endorsement of Rubio and we are now getting a more clear picture of who Tim Scott actually is. Turns out, he’s simply another phony Tea Party poser, a politically correct, amnesty loving, GOP establishment lapdog. He’s just another career politician, who has become a puppet of big money donors and the Chamber of Commerce, just like his cohorts: Trey Gowdy and Nikki Haley.

I’ve officially written off Tim Scott and will be looking for an alternate choice when he’s up for reelection. Many of us who support small, accountable government, also support term limits. It’s now time for voters to tell Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy that their terms are over. We’ve seen quite enough. Wind up puppet Marco Rubio? Really? Thanks, but no thanks.

Senate Poised To Pass 1200 page Immigration Amnesty Bill No One Has Read

Upstate Voice has previously exposed some of the lies and loopholes contained within the Illegal Immigrant Amnesty bill. Now, a cadre of the establishment political class in the Senate have just voted for a phony border security amendment, in a transparent effort to give themselves political cover.

As we have previously reported, the new Amnesty bill will give immediate legal status to 11-20 million illegal immigrants, allowing chain immigration for upwards of 40 million more over the next decade. All of this will be done with no real guarantees of border security, only empty promises that can be easily ignored, at the discretion of the same unaccountable bureaucrats who refuse to enforce our current immigration laws.

To add insult to injury, the bill has been larded up with giveaways to Senators and special interests, in an effort to garner their support. The following is a current list of pork barrel spending and outrageous provisions that has recently been uncovered in this 1200 page monstrosity of a bill.

$100 million to promote travel (to Las Vegas)
Cheap Immigrant Labor For Alaska’s Fish Processing Industry.
Grant amnesty to ‘climate change refugees’
20,000 extra visas for meat cutters and trimmers
10,500 E-3 visas to Irish nationals + Family Members
Visas For Foreign Ski/Snowboard Instructors
Three-year, renewable visas For Real Estate Investors > $500,000
New “W” visa for up to 200,000 low skilled immigrants
Canadian Snowbird Association Members Stay in U.S. 8 months per year.
120,000-250,000 so called “merit based” visas annually

There are just a few of the outrageous new provisions discovered so far in the new Amnesty bill. More discoveries are sure to come to light, once we have had a chance to actually review the bill. I suppose our political ruling class will have to pass the bill before we are allowed to find out what is in it.

Let’s see, where have I heard that before?

Considering the Senate fix is already in, it appears our only hope to stop this misguided, open borders, amnesty bill is to contact our representatives in the house and strongly urge them to oppose the legislation. House leader John Boehner needs to take a stand and stop this bill now.

Harry Reid’s Covert Illegal Amnesty Plan Fails In The Senate

Harry Reid’s attempt to piggy back his back door illegal alien amnesty plan on a defense appropriations bill was shot down by the Senate today with a cloture vote of 56-43.

Reid hoped to attach this legislation to an appropriations bill in a thinly veiled attempt to woo potential Hispanic voters in his battle for the Senate with Tea Party favorite Sharon Angle.

As reported on Michele Malkin’s website, Reid attempted to hold the defense bill hostage to his far left social justice agenda.