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The GOP Establishment’s Path Forward In a Post Bush Era

Now that Jeb Bush has been forced out of the primary, the GOPe is putting all their weight behind a first term Senator; Marco Rubio. In terms of “Cult of Personality”, Marco is the establishment’s dream candidate. He’s a counter to the Democrat’s “First Female President” narrative. The GOP can simply proclaim that Rubio would be the “First Hispanic President”.

The GOPe also likes the fact that Rubio is naive, easily influenced and fully onboard with establishment’s globalist agenda. Many of his donors, such as the CoC, are especially pleased with his support for expanding immigration using H-1B visas, along with his full support of amnesty for illegal aliens, which of course, he tries to hide from the voters. Marco does have some experience in that area. He’s already betrayed constituents who helped elect him to the Senate, with his first action pushing Amnesty.

Rubio is in a position to play the race card, and I fully expect that card to be played on Donald Trump, just as soon as the opportunity arises. The GOPe, along with their media lapdogs, will attempt to persuade voters that Trump is not electable. They will have their phony agenda polls playing 24/7 on media outlets like Fox News and CNN, which should be taken with a very large grain of salt.

A Marco Rubio candidacy is far from a sure thing. I would argue that it’s unlikely. He is very vulnerable on several fronts. Donald Trump, and Rubio’s other opponents, should hang Amnesty around his neck like an anchor. They should remind voters that he joined with Chuck Schumer for the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill, which provided ironclad proof that he cannot be trusted. It is uncertain if Rubio can withstand a full frontal assault from Donald Trump. We saw him utterly collapse during the debates, when faced with a strong attack from Gov. Chris Christie.

John Kasich is hanging around in the background, just in case the Rubio campaign unravels. If Rubio fails to gain traction, it will most likely be too late for Kasich. He can still pick up a few convention delegates, possibly win Ohio and be there for a last minute “Hail Mary”, if needed.

I don’t really see Ted Cruz or Ben Carson having any chance to win the nomination. However, they are currently playing a role by splitting the votes. The candidate who advantages most from the splitting of votes is up for debate. My sense is that it doesn’t matter all that much. It appears to be a wash, with perhaps a slight advantage to Rubio in a two person race, but not enough to best Trump. I think if it comes down to a two man race between Rubio and Trump, the alpha dog will be apparent to everyone and the race will be over.

If the GOPe can’t win outright in the delegate count, they will not hesitate to take the fight to a brokered convention, in hopes of winning there. They will not care if the entire process gets blown up. I think many of the career GOP politicians in DC would prefer the corrupt status quo continue with a Clinton presidency. Some have already said as much. To avoid that mess, Donald Trump’s supporters will need to get out the vote, so as to lock up the nomination before it ever comes to a brokered convention.

In any event, it’s going to be a wild ride on the Trump Train, all the way to the convention.

The GOP Establishment’s Plan To Resurrect Jeb Bush

The GOP establishment will attempt to resurrect Jeb Bush in South Carolina. It started with the endorsement of Jeb by RINO Lindsey Graham. While not exactly a favorite amongst conservatives, Graham does have support from the Establishment, Neocons and Democrats. His endorsement appears to have helped Jeb.

In the latest poll from OpinionSavvy for Morris News, Jeb has now moved into 3rd place at 13%, just behind Ted Cruz.

You might be asking, how will the GOPe manage to secure a win for Jeb in South Carolina? Well, all you need to do is look back at 2008 to see how they resurrected the dead campaign of John McCain. They first trotted out Fred Thompson to appeal to the most ideologically conservative voters, then went on to use their favorite mouthpiece, “Club For Growth”, to attack the populist Mike Huckabee. The tactic worked well, and succeeded in splitting the conservative vote between Thompson and Huckabee, which allowed McCain to win the SC GOP primary with only 33% of the vote.

In this election cycle, it’s not hard to imagine a similar scenario playing out, with Ted Cruz playing the role of Thompson and the more populist Donald Trump being in the same position as Mike Huckabee. I expect the Club For Growth, and a few other PACs, to heavily attack Trump, while touting Cruz as the “Consistent Conservative”. Expect Karl Rove’s and Bush’s PACs to similarly follow suit. As always, it will get very nasty in South Carolina, with every dirty trick you can imagine being used. Of that, we can all be certain.

If the GOPe can divide the voters (remember the plants who booed in the SC Debate), they might be able to push Jeb over the line in a squeaker. This, of course, would change the narrative entirely and could dramatically change the direction of the 2016 GOP primary.

UPDATE 01-21-16: George Bush To Campaign For Jeb in South Carolina.

George W. Bush is a natural fit in South Carolina, a state rife with military bases and families, which heads to the polls on Feb. 20. But he could potentially also be an asset in New Hampshire, which votes on Feb. 9, and where his brother needs a top finish to help re-energize his campaign.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we see 43 on the trail in South Carolina” soon, said Dorothy Bush Koch, Jeb and George W. Bush’s sister. link

The GOP Establishment Will Soon Force Out Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush’s campaign is in big trouble. We all know it. With only a few months until voters begin casting ballots, donors are already moving away from Bush and into the Rubio camp. Before the primaries, the GOPe will need to consolidate support for their main candidate, Marco Rubio. Jeb Bush has too much baggage. He has not performed well in the debates or on the campaign trail. Jeb is simply not the kind of candidate GOP primary voters are clamoring for in this election cycle.

Jeb will need to step down and allow his supporters to join with Rubio, in an effort to fend off the anti-establishment insurgency of Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. The GOPe is hoping that Trump, Carson and Cruz will split enough votes to allow a Rubio win. Many of the other GOP primary candidates are on life support, as well. The GOPe will keep them around, but only if they can pull enough votes to help take down Trump or Carson. It is unknown, at this point, whether Kasich can help Rubio by staying in the race. We will just have take a “wait and see” attitude on that.

In any event, Jeb Bush will soon outlive his usefulness to the GOP establishment, At that point, he will have to go.

Santorum’s Iowa Win/Loss/Performance Brings Scrutiny Over His Conservative Record

After Santorum’s Narrow Iowa loss (or win, no one may ever really know), expect the see his opponents bring out the big knives. Coming out of nowhere, Santorum is a relative unknown to many GOP voters, at least on a national level. Most fiscal conservatives might not know that Santorum endorsed Arlen Specter, over Pat Toomey, in the 2004 election cycle. I would hazard to guess that Specter is not exactly the candidate the Tea Party movement, or any small government conservative, would support. There are also questions revolving around Santorum’s lack of support (or total rejection) of privacy rights under the U.S. constitution. Santorum’s rabid support for the so called ‘Patriot Act” doesn’t exactly make him a friend of privacy rights or individual liberty.

Rick Santorum voted 8 times to raise the debt ceiling and has been blasted by conservatives as the “King of Earmarks“.

Sanrotum claims to be a consistent social conservative but the Tea Party movement was never supposed to be about social issues. The Tea Party movement is supposed to be about true fiscal conservatism, small government and maximum individual liberty, and with that liberty comes individual responsibility. Is Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum really the leader it will take to save our country from big government progressives?

The big question is whether the GOP is really ready for a change in direction, and a movement back toward constitutional government, or will the Republican party continue to vote for Neocons who wrap themselves in the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag?

That still remains to be seen. However, many Tea Party patriots fear the GOP establishment is still out of touch with the base of their party and their insistence on pushing candidates like John McCain, Mitt Romney and/or Rick Santorum will result in 4 more years of Obama, whether we see a 3rd party arise in this elections cycle, or not.

GOP Establishment Scrambles For A Progressive Neocon Candidate

The GOP establishment is seeking a big government progressive who can win the Republican primary. Of course, their preferred candidate is Mitt Romney, but neocons fear Romney can’t win. GOP voters and Tea Party activists want Obamacare to be one of the key issues in the debate leading up to the 2012 election.

Mitt Romney refuses to reject the unconstitutional mandate that forces all U.S. citizens to purchase health care insurance. Obamacare and the individual mandate is off the table with a Mitt Romney candidacy.

What’s a GOP establishment neocon to do?

Well, they could trot out Newt Gingrich, who also supports the individual mandate. In addition to a chronic case of foot in mouth disease, Gingrich is a severely flawed candidate on so many levels. Newt’s role will most likely be to run interference for Mitt Romney in the early primary states.

Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman is setting up shop in Florida. Obama’s former ambassador to China will be a darling of state run media in the sunshine state. Progressives on both sides of the aisle love a RINO so count on Huntsman being the stalking horse for Romney in the Florida GOP primary. Remember how Rudy Giuliani campaigned hard in Florida during the 2008 campaign? Rudy got just enough support to ensure a split in the primary vote, giving McCain the win. Look for Huntsman to do the same for Romney.


Newt Gingrich Supports Individual Health Insurance Mandates

Former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, came out in favor of forcing all Americans to purchase health insurance during an appearance on Meet The Press.

Critics suggest this is typical big government establishment GOP behavior, as Gingrich joins with Romney in support of what many on the right see as an unconstitutional and overreaching government mandate to purchase a service.

Tea party activists and Libertarians are left wondering if anyone in the GOP is serious about limiting the size and scope of government. Considering the baggage Gingrich already carries into the GOP primary race, his position on individual mandates may end up pushing many in the Tea Party movement toward candidates like Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul.