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Reid Kills $1.2 Trillion Spending Bill To Push For Dream Act Amnesty For Illegals Bill

Harry Reid tables the $1.2 trillion spending bill in favor of pushing through the the rest of the progressive democrat’s agenda, including votes on the Dream Act and a bill to repeal “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell”. Senate majority leader Harry Reid caved in after Senator Jim DeMint demanded the nearly 2000 page, earmark laden, omnibus bill be read aloud on the Senate flood.

The Senate will move to pass a “Continuing Resolution” to fund the government on a temporary basis. A similar CR has already passed the house. This will allow the Republicans to strip out the offensive earmarks and get a more GOP friendly bill considered in the next session of congress.

As previously reported here on Upstate Voice, critics suggest the Dream Act is nothing more than a back door plan to provide amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and their family members. Reid has scheduled the Dream Act for a vote on Saturday.

Harry Reid’s Covert Illegal Amnesty Plan Fails In The Senate

Harry Reid’s attempt to piggy back his back door illegal alien amnesty plan on a defense appropriations bill was shot down by the Senate today with a cloture vote of 56-43.

Reid hoped to attach this legislation to an appropriations bill in a thinly veiled attempt to woo potential Hispanic voters in his battle for the Senate with Tea Party favorite Sharon Angle.

As reported on Michele Malkin’s website, Reid attempted to hold the defense bill hostage to his far left social justice agenda.