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Santorum’s Iowa Win/Loss/Performance Brings Scrutiny Over His Conservative Record

After Santorum’s Narrow Iowa loss (or win, no one may ever really know), expect the see his opponents bring out the big knives. Coming out of nowhere, Santorum is a relative unknown to many GOP voters, at least on a national level. Most fiscal conservatives might not know that Santorum endorsed Arlen Specter, over Pat Toomey, in the 2004 election cycle. I would hazard to guess that Specter is not exactly the candidate the Tea Party movement, or any small government conservative, would support. There are also questions revolving around Santorum’s lack of support (or total rejection) of privacy rights under the U.S. constitution. Santorum’s rabid support for the so called ‘Patriot Act” doesn’t exactly make him a friend of privacy rights or individual liberty.

Rick Santorum voted 8 times to raise the debt ceiling and has been blasted by conservatives as the “King of Earmarks“.

Sanrotum claims to be a consistent social conservative but the Tea Party movement was never supposed to be about social issues. The Tea Party movement is supposed to be about true fiscal conservatism, small government and maximum individual liberty, and with that liberty comes individual responsibility. Is Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum really the leader it will take to save our country from big government progressives?

The big question is whether the GOP is really ready for a change in direction, and a movement back toward constitutional government, or will the Republican party continue to vote for Neocons who wrap themselves in the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag?

That still remains to be seen. However, many Tea Party patriots fear the GOP establishment is still out of touch with the base of their party and their insistence on pushing candidates like John McCain, Mitt Romney and/or Rick Santorum will result in 4 more years of Obama, whether we see a 3rd party arise in this elections cycle, or not.

Neocon Nikki Haley Endorses Progressive Mitt Romney

Those in the Tea Party movement, who were skeptical of Governor Haley’s anti-establishment message during the campaign, had their suspicions confirmed today, as Necon Nikki rejected Tea Party constitutional conservative Michele Bachmann and instead, endorsed big government progressive Mitt Romney. It certainly makes one wonder what might be next on Haley’s agenda. Perhaps it’s the “sales tax swap” scam that’s already been floated by her administration.

There turned out to be quite a few Tea Party posers in the 2010 campaign, who are now exposing themselves with their endorsements. Governor Haley is clearly the queen of posers in this regard. She passed the largest budget in South Carolina history, gave tax breaks to those who could afford a 2nd home (but not average citizens who really needed the tax break).

So far, Nikki Haley has been a huge disappointment to Tea Party activists in SC, who are still waiting the smaller, more efficient, less intrusive government Haley promised during her campaign.

The fact of the matter is, Haley wants even more revenue to feed the bloated and wasteful bureaucratic mess that is South Carolina government, including the broken School System’s bloated bureaucracy and the debt riddled Transportation Department. Rather than cutting layers of bureaucrats, administrators and paper shufflers, who do little more than siphon off resources our State Government can’t afford, Haley’s priority is to endorse a progressive neocon like Mitt Romney.

Considering Governor Haley’s track record so far, she is looking a lot less like the constitutional conservative she pretended to be during her campaign, and more like an establishment political hack, heading straight for a one term Governorship.

Rick Perry’s Debate Performance Sours Tea Party Members

After another shaky debate performance by Governor Rick Perry in last night’s Google/Fox News debate, Tea Party activists are left disillusioned and wondering if they will end up with a candidate who actually represents their views.

Perry was supposed to be the person who could bring together the various factions in the GOP, but now that conservatives are getting to know the Governor, they aren’t liking what they see. Perry’s liberal position on immigration, in-state tuition for illegal aliens, combined with his support of a state’s right to mandate health insurance purchases (as a condition of being a citizen), could sink his chances. Many Tea Party activists have already abandoned Perry.

With Fox News and the Republican establishment fully behind Mitt Romney, it looks like the GOP might nominate another progressive neocon, ala John McCain. That really didn’t work out to well the last time around and resulted in the election of a radical progressive president, worse than Jimmy Carter.


GOP Establishment Scrambles For A Progressive Neocon Candidate

The GOP establishment is seeking a big government progressive who can win the Republican primary. Of course, their preferred candidate is Mitt Romney, but neocons fear Romney can’t win. GOP voters and Tea Party activists want Obamacare to be one of the key issues in the debate leading up to the 2012 election.

Mitt Romney refuses to reject the unconstitutional mandate that forces all U.S. citizens to purchase health care insurance. Obamacare and the individual mandate is off the table with a Mitt Romney candidacy.

What’s a GOP establishment neocon to do?

Well, they could trot out Newt Gingrich, who also supports the individual mandate. In addition to a chronic case of foot in mouth disease, Gingrich is a severely flawed candidate on so many levels. Newt’s role will most likely be to run interference for Mitt Romney in the early primary states.

Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman is setting up shop in Florida. Obama’s former ambassador to China will be a darling of state run media in the sunshine state. Progressives on both sides of the aisle love a RINO so count on Huntsman being the stalking horse for Romney in the Florida GOP primary. Remember how Rudy Giuliani campaigned hard in Florida during the 2008 campaign? Rudy got just enough support to ensure a split in the primary vote, giving McCain the win. Look for Huntsman to do the same for Romney.