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Obama Holds America Hostage In Attempt To Punish Success

Barack Obama is threatening to allow Federal taxes to increase on the 54% of Americans who actually pay Federal taxes, unless the GOP agrees to increase taxes on families and small businesses who earn more than 250k per year. There is no justification for increasing these taxes, being the tax increase does nothing to offset deficit spending or pay down the national debt.

Economists warn that the increased taxes would actually hurt the economy by limiting growth, resulting in fewer tax dollars flowing into the treasury, which would actually balloon the debt and deficit.

So why would Obama push for this? Well, Obama has stated that it’s just a matter of “fairness”. Clearly, the president cares more about punishing successful families and businesses, than solving the dire fiscal issues that we face as a nation.

The NYT and other media outlets have calculated that the increased taxes would generate $850 billion over 10 years, which works out to only $85 billion per year. Considering the U.S. government spent $3.5 trillion in 2011, $1.3 trillion in borrowed money, it’s clear the $85 billion per year in increased taxes does nothing to solve the fiscal issues that face all Americans. When you factor in the decrease in economic growth that comes with higher taxes, Obama’s misguided tax policy, based on some leftist notion of “fairness”, is much more detrimental to solving America’s fiscal problems, than it is beneficial.

Isn’t it time for America to reject the device class warfare policies that do nothing to solve problems? Aren’t we tired of politicians, on both sides of the aisle, who refuse to limit the size and scope of government? Perhaps it is time to point the finger at the Democrat and Republican parities for their utter failure and place the blame on squarely on them. It’s time for voters to recognize that the two parties are simply blaming one another for the problems that both of the them are equally responsible for causing.

If the two parties are unwilling to take responsibility for the problems they have caused, perhaps it’s time to consider rejecting both parties and supporting a 3rd party of responsible citizens who are actually interested in solving the critical issues we face.

Romney Scores TKO Over Obama In Presidential Debate

Romney came out swinging during the first presidential debate in Colorado, keeping Obama on the defensive for the entire event. President Obama appeared uncomfortable and unprepared, as he was unable to defend his domestic policies.

Romney hammered the President on his handling of the economy, a high unemployment rate and his ineffective energy policy, pointing to a doubling of the cost of a gallon of gas under Obama’s watch. He didn’t stop there. He went on to pummel Obama for increasing the size of the federal government and adding nearly 6 trillion dollars to the national debt.

President Obama attempted to to fight back, pointing to Romney’s lack of specifics in his economic plan and questioning Romney’s math. In the end, the President was not able to land any serious blows, as Romney parried effectively.

When Obama complained about the $2.1 billion dollar tax deductions given to the oil companies, Romney countered by suggesting that the $90 billion Obama spent on failed green energy projects, such as the now bankrupt Solyndra, could have been better spent elsewhere. Romney landed a final jab by claiming some of the billions spent on green energy projects were given to Obama supporters and campaign donors (ouch!).

Not only was Romney able to highlight Obama’s ineffective policies, he was finally able speak directly to the American people without the filter of a biased media. Romney’s performance in this debate could go a long way in dispelling the Obama campaign’s narrative of Romney as a cold, uncaring rich guy who doesn’t care about the middle class.

If this debate were a prize fight, Romney wins by TKO in a unanimous decision.

Obama’s State Of The Union Speech Decoded

Obama’s State of The Union speech was filled with soaring rhetoric, and teleprompter reading worthy of a Oscar winner, but we must make a real effort to see beyond campaign year rhetorical flourishes and take a hard look what was actually being proposed. We should seek to look beyond the cult of personality distractions/Kabuki Theater we witnessed in the SOTU and actually listen to what was being said. The substance of the speech made it abundantly clear that Obama, along with his administration, continues to be committed to a huge central government that controls every aspect of our lives, including the economy, energy, financial, health care and education sectors, with little regard for property/privacy rights or individual liberty. Let’s take a closer look at what Obama is actually proposing.

The Economy, Taxes and The National Debt
Obama began the discussion on our economy by asserting..

We can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same set of rules.

We must ask ourselves; Is it “fair” that 50% of citizens in the United States pay no federal income taxes? Is it fair for the government to bailout financial institutions and corporations with trillions of dollars of taxpayer’s money? Is it fair to favor one industry over another, with government subsidies (in the form of borrowed money), while enslaving future generations to pay back that enormous debt? Is everyone really getting a fair shot and playing by the same set of rules? What seems “fair” to one person may seem very unfair to others. In this case, it appears the term “fair” is intentionally meant to be nebulous.

Obama continued to blame financial institutions for making housing loans to individuals who couldn’t afford to pay them back. What Obama failed to mention is that government meddling, and policies he supported, was the root cause of the housing bubble and the crash that followed. He failed to mention that one administration after another has pressured banks into handing out these kind of loans, culminating in the Community Reinvestment Act, a progressive idea embraced by both parties, pushing a misguided concept that everyone has a “right” to home ownership, whether they can afford it or not. It was this unholy alliance between big government progressives and greedy Wall Street bankers that caused the housing bubble, and the depression that followed after the bubble burst. This is a CLEAR example of how government meddling and central planning can have a devastating effect on the private sector and our economy, whether they had good intentions or not. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

Obama went on to suggest that “they”, have agreed to cut the deficit by more than 2 trillion dollars. This is outright lie. As previously reported on UV, there are no cuts on the table, there never was, only increases in spending and increases in the national debt. By the end of Obama’s four year term as president, our national debt will have exploded, from an already massive 10 trillion dollars, to over 16 trillion dollars, which is a 60% increase. In his SOTU address, Obama clearly stated that he believes the solution to fix our economy is more big government programs, combined with increased taxes on the so called “rich”. He proposed more unaccountable bureaucracies and agencies, more central planning and control, more borrowing, printing and spending, which of course, leads to more debt.

Obama has never offered any real proposals to cut our national debt. On the contrary, his plan is to continue to grow government, spend money we don’t have and increase the debt to over 20 trillion dollars by 2016. If re-elected, Obama and his administration will have incurred more debt than all of the other presidents before him, combined. This almost criminal debt, debt that Obama once called unpatriotic, is the most dire of states the union finds itself in today. Yet, that fact was conveniently and purposely omitted from the State of the Union address.


Obama Calls For More Spending After First Stimulus Failed Miserably

As expected, Obama called for another round of stimulus spending during his much ballyhooed “Jobs Speech” before a joint session of Congress on Thursday night.

Obama proposed $450 billion in new spending while announcing the so called “American Jobs Act”, but as usual, he gave few details on how or when the new speeding would be “paid for”. According to Obama, the “rich” will be taxed more. But, who defines “rich”? If the “rich” are those making 200K or more a year, that would mean taxing small businesses, at the time we should be incentivizing small businesses. Obama went on to engage in an incomprehensible, out of both sides of the mouth, disgusting display of class warfare that brought forth a well deserved round of load moans from conservatives in the chamber.

Obama referred to the new spending as being “targeted” and I’m sure that will be the case. Just as with the first stimulus, it will be targeted to bail out liberal states whose public sector unions and their political cronies have bankrupted their treasury with ridiculous benefits and Cadillac pension/health care plans. The only jobs this stimulus will save is unionized government jobs, at the very time in our history that big government bureaucracy should be cut.