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Super Committee or Stupor Committee?

The gaggle of cowardly political establishment hacks, known sarcastically as the “Super Committee”, failed to come up with any more fake spending cuts in their insincere effort to decrease America’s $15 trillion dollar debt. I would strongly urge the reader to take a look at the real purpose of the “Stupor Committee”, previously explained on Upstate Voice in the article entitled: The Truth Behind The Debt Ceiling Bill (S.627)

The fact of the matter is that there were never any “cuts” on the table. Even with the $2.1 trillion of so called “cuts”, the deficit will balloon to well over $23 trillion dollars over the next 10 years. From where I stand, that amounts to a HUGE increase in the national debt, NOT a cut. Decreasing the “rate of growth” is not a “cut” and those who claim otherwise are being dishonest with the American people. Why isn’t the press setting the record straight?

It is the responsibility of the press to make clear to American citizens that there were never any “cuts” on the table. Increasing the national debt from $15 trillion dollars to over $23 trillion dollars is not a cut by any stretch of the imagination. The press should never use the term “cut” when referring to what amounts to little more than financial gimmicks used by politicians who pretend they are concerned about the debt. One can only conclude that the press is complicit in the lies and are helping to promote the scam being perpetrated on the American people.

As noted by Senator Rand Paul, a simple spending freeze would save the country $9 trillion dollars over the next 10 years. A REAL “cut” of 1% of actual spending would balance the budget in only 8 years.

The above video does an excellent job of explaining the real situation the United States finds itself in. It’s almost criminal that most of the the media refuse to report the facts and refuse to tell the truth to the American people.

I would urge everyone who happens to stumble upon this post to share it with as many people as they can, in a effort to expose the deception of entrenched politicians and their dishonest cohorts in the lamestream media.

Rand Paul Proposes $500 Billion Cut In 12 Page Bill

Under Senator Rand Paul’s leadership, we finally have a bold proposal on the table, one that cuts $500 billion from a bloated, wasteful and ineffective federal bureaucracy, without touching entitlement programs.

Proposals from the GOP establishment has been much weaker by comparison, proposing minor cuts in spending totaling less than $100 billion dollars and scaling back to the massive deficit spending of 2008.

Here is Senator Paul’s Bill.

Here is a detailed summary ofd the bill.

In the SOTU address, president Obama ridiculously called for more spending, going on to suggest freezing the budget at current levels, which includes an incredible $1.5 trillion dollars deficit per year. How utterly absurd!

It is NOW the time for our politicians to get serious about decreasing the size of government. Even with Senator Paul’s proposed cuts, the U.S. would still have a $1 Trillion dollar deficit next year. If the GOP establishment isn’t serious and refuses to support this modest bill, the electorate will need to send Senator Paul more help in 2012, lest the GOP be relegated to the “dustbin of history”.