The GOP Establishment Will Soon Force Out Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush’s campaign is in big trouble. We all know it. With only a few months until voters begin casting ballots, donors are already moving away from Bush and into the Rubio camp. Before the primaries, the GOPe will need to consolidate support for their main candidate, Marco Rubio. Jeb Bush has too much baggage. He has not performed well in the debates or on the campaign trail. Jeb is simply not the kind of candidate GOP primary voters are clamoring for in this election cycle.

Jeb will need to step down and allow his supporters to join with Rubio, in an effort to fend off the anti-establishment insurgency of Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. The GOPe is hoping that Trump, Carson and Cruz will split enough votes to allow a Rubio win. Many of the other GOP primary candidates are on life support, as well. The GOPe will keep them around, but only if they can pull enough votes to help take down Trump or Carson. It is unknown, at this point, whether Kasich can help Rubio by staying in the race. We will just have take a “wait and see” attitude on that.

In any event, Jeb Bush will soon outlive his usefulness to the GOP establishment, At that point, he will have to go.

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