Unfunded Federal Road Sign Mandate To Cost Millions

The Fed’s road sign mandate is costing large cities such as N.Y. City 27.5 million dollars, while smaller cities like Oklahoma City will shell out $2.5 million for new signs. Look for new mandated signs to be costing millions of your tax dollars in a city near you.

More absurdity from an out of control Federal Government.

Why not wait until the existing signs wear out before replacing perfectly good signs that are in place now. Considering the financial distress most municipalities find themselves in, does it seem like a good idea to impose unfunded mandates on cash strapped states?

$27.5 million dollars in taxpayer money is being spent to change the fonts on street signs in New York City. Your city may be next. A federal mandate to change street sign fonts all across the U.S. by 2018 is getting underway now in New York City.

At issue is street signs written in CAPS. The Federal Government has mandated that by 2018 all streets signs in the U.S. must be written in a font called “Clearview”. link

I guess we should ask; “Who benefits from the new signs”? Well, it’s a big boom to 3M corporation, who makes the reflective materials for new signs , not to mention, it’s back door to stimulus to unions who erect the signs.

3M played a large role in lobbying the Feds to impose this mandate. It should come as no surprise that 3M is the only player in the game who manufactures the reflective materials used in the signs.

In its newly updated 800-page manual of regulations, the Highway Administration includes strict dictates on how Americans must do street signs:

The lettering must be at least 6 inches high. Eventually, all signs must be in upper and lower-case letters. Signs with all-capital letters will be verboten.

Signs must meet federal reflectivity standards, too.

And state and local governments must comply by 2015 or face federal penalties, including loss of funds.

Further, failure to replace unacceptable signs could increase city and state exposure in lawsuits. link

Changing the case from upper to lower is actually a really bad idea.


Yes, they do.

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